OpenText Insight Predict

Power Your Review with Technology-Assisted Review

Uncover the most relevant documents faster with OpenText™ Insight Predict, technology-assisted review based on our continuous active learning (CAL) protocol. Predict continuously learns what’s important to your matter and becomes smarter as your review progresses.

Save 80% or More on Review Costs

Let OpenText Insight Predict put the most relevant documents in your reviewers’ hands, fast. With an advanced algorithm designed to improve speed and accuracy, Predict further reduces the total cost of discovery.


Accelerate Review

With a prioritized review, your team proceeds more quickly because the documents have similar content. Once most relevant documents are found, you can move faster through the remaining documents because there is less worry about missing something important.

Rank Documents Continuously

With continuous active learning, our system continuously updates its document rankings to take advantage of additional judgments by reviewers. As training continues, rankings improve so the review team finds relevant documents faster.


Work with CJK & Other Complex Languages

Review of Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) documents typically requires translation or high-cost, multilingual reviewers. Use Predict to prioritize CJK or other complex and multi-language documents and realize substantial savings.

Proven Performance Superiority

The superiority of continuous active learning over other forms of technology assisted review, including first-generation simple passing learning (SPL) and simple active learning (SAL) has been proven by numerous independent studies.

Predict also incorporates contextual diversity, a powerful tool to combat the risk missing documents that are relevant but different from the mainstream of documents being reviewed.


For Every Review

Predict is versatile and optimized for all sorts of review projects. Use it for more effective review of third party productions, investigations, early case assessment and for promoting documents to individual cases. Use it in for outbound productions, witness and issue preparation or privilege QC.

Use Predict on large and small cases alike, along with cases with low richness (prevalence). There’s no wasted time spent on training—just start reviewing, and you’ll benefit from the ranking process.

Any way you use it, you benefit from lower review costs, shorter review times and the ability to find relevant documents faster and more efficiently than with traditional methods.

Earlier & More Thorough Case Assessment

Get an earlier understanding of your case and potential exposure. Find key documents and give them to Predict to identify additional documents for early analysis and review.


Protect Your Review

Using Predict for QC may save you from producing that privileged document.

Despite best efforts from your review team, privileged documents may still slip through the cracks. Predict can help find them before they get loose.

More Surgical Investigations

Use Predict to explore and find patterns in data—streamlining and expediting internal corporate and government compliance investigations so you can respond to issues more effectively and efficiently.


Smarter Searches

Our algorithms are simply smarter searches than humans can produce. Predict empowers your review team to build a more effective and comprehensive search, resulting in more relevant documents found and irrelevant documents ignored.

Pioneers in the CAL Revolution

Our data scientists and senior attorney consultants were pioneers in the CAL revolution, and we’ve been helping clients and their law firms create defensible predictive ranking methodologies for years, over hundreds of cases. We’ll stand beside you in hearings to explain the methodology, technology and sampling procedures.

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