Conceived by Trial Lawyers, Refined Through Experience


The Catalyst team started designing secure, web-based document repositories in the mid-1990s, as part of a major national law firm. In 2000, the company spun off and has been blazing a trail in the e-discovery world ever since.


Years of building the world’s fastest, most powerful discovery tools.


Global employees to deliver the best discovery experience possible.


Year we integrated legal hold and collection to provide a complete EDRM platform.

Pioneers in Legal Technology and E-Discovery

Today, our company is global, our technology highly refined and our team among the most experienced in the industry. Catalyst has grown to more than 170 litigation and technology professionals located across the United States and in Asia. We have offices and representatives in major cities and manage five secure data centers in the United States and Japan.

Time-Tested Technology Backed by an Experienced Team

For 20 years, Catalyst has been providing secure document repositories to help corporations and their counsel manage discovery and control review costs. Catalyst offers speed, scalability and multi-language capabilities, all in a secure automated platform that puts you in full control. Our products are backed by a veteran team that knows how best to resolve the problems you face.
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Founded by a Team of Legal Technology Experts

Catalyst was founded by John Tredennick, a trial lawyer and litigation partner from a large U.S. law firm. He literally wrote the book on legal technology—actually five of them, along with countless articles, columns and blog posts. Our original team of litigation-support professionals, developers and engineers continues to help drive our growth and product development.
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We’re looking for talented people to join our team.

At Catalyst, you’ll work with scientists, data engineers, project managers, programmers and legal visionaries to shape the future of e-discovery. We offer flexible, casual, goal-focused environments with amazing benefits.

Key Benefits

Full EDRM Discovery

Our Insight Discovery Platform spans the entire e-discovery process from legal holds and collections through to processing, review, analysis and production to lower your total cost of discovery.

Secure Hosting

We offer enterprise-class security for your hosted data. Our security has been inspected and approved by major insurance and banking companies and by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Machine Learning

Insight Predict, our next-generation TAR engine, helps legal teams dramatically speed document review and eliminates the need to review 50 to 90 percent of a collection.

Multi-Language Capabilities

Catalyst was one of the first to offer true multi-language capabilities. We are optimized for the challenging CJK languages and can handle both Unicode and non-Unicode pages.

Analytics and Reporting

Our Insight Discovery Platform includes a central data repository, custom visual dashboards and the business intelligence tools needed for effective, timely cross-matter reporting.

End-to-End Automation

We've automated our platform from legal hold through production and put the controls in your hands. This makes it easier to meet tight deadlines, with fewer mistakes and at lower overall costs.

Our Principles

At Catalyst, we believe in these simple principles. They govern how we run our business, serve our clients, treat our investors and, ultimately, how we deal with one another.


We believe that honesty and respect are the cornerstones of human and business relationships. We pledge these things to our clients, employees, shareholders, partners, and to everyone with whom we deal.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our goal is to provide the best products and services we can through a continuing commitment to innovation, automation and hard work.


We admit and try to learn from our mistakes when they happen. We then do our best to rectify the consequences of our mistakes and to never repeat them.


We are in business to help clients solve problems and to make a fair profit for our efforts. We use our profits to grow, repay our investors, give back to our communities and reward our employees for their hard work.


Ultimately, we strive to make a meaningful contribution to society by providing tools to help legal teams manage large volumes of documents effectively.

These principles are not just words on a piece of paper. They represent our common bond and we each pledge to honor them in the conduct of our business.


Catalyst began providing secure, scalable document repositories in 1998, when the team was part of a large law firm. Our first case involved multi-billion-dollar litigation brought against the entire oil and gas industry. It continued for almost a decade and involved over 300 professionals on the defense team. By 2000, we were providing our litigation technologies and services to law firms around the country, even in cases where our own lawyers weren't involved.

Today, clients around the world turn to Catalyst to help control litigation and regulatory costs and to make review teams more effective. We cover the entire litigation life cycle—from legal hold and collection, through processing, search, analytics, review and production.

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At the Beginning

In 1995, Holland & Hart builds one of the first electronic repositories, winning the ComputerWorld Smithsonian award for innovation in 1999. In 2000, CaseShare spins off as a private company.



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Catalyst, the Early Years

In 2005, CaseShare rebrands as Catalyst and launches Catalyst CR, the first grid-enabled document repository for discovery and winner of an Law Technology News Technology award in 2008. In 2010, we open our first Asia office and make the New York Law Journal list of top discovery providers.

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The New Era, Insight Reigns

We launch Catalyst Insight and Language Services in 2012. Insight is the first platform to be built around an XML database, and delivers lightning-fast search, visual analytics and real-time reporting.



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The Age of Machine Learning

We introduce Insight Predict, the first "real-world" technology assisted review platform. In 2015, Predict is named New Product of the Year by Legaltech News.

LTN innovation awards

White Glove Service

We launch Forensic Investigation and Collections and Catalyst Managed Review in 2016, new services that underscore a growth in capabilities. We are awarded a Legaltech Innovation award as Best Hosting Provider.



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The Future is Now

We introduce Insight Enterprise and Insight Legal Hold and Collections in 2017, becoming a full EDRM platform spanning the entire discovery process from legal holds and collections through to processing, review, analysis and production.


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Catalyst designs, builds and hosts the world’s fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. We back our technology with a highly skilled Professional Services team and a global partner network to ensure the best e-discovery experience possible.
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