Decrease the Data Held for Legal Purposes & Focus on What is Needed

Preservation is a required legal duty for parties involved in litigation, regulatory examinations and other legal and investigatory matters. Preservation includes gathering copies of relevant documents and data sources to ensure a securely preserved set of data for legal compliance and litigation purposes.

Preserving data for legal purposes is challenging and requires sophisticated technical and forensic processes. Today, most organizations preserve data in a highly manual and cumbersome way. These manual and often ad hoc processes result in multiple copies of data, often sent outside to outside vendors and law firms, and therefore beyond organizational control - a situation that is fraught with legal and reputational risk, every day.

OpenText™ Legal Hold manages that sensitive data flow, focusing on preserving only the most relevant and related information for a particular situation while maintaining a secure centralized database to track every document that exits the organization as part of the legal discovery process.

Use OpenText Legal Hold to securely preserve documents and data sources from anywhere in the world regardless of whether that data resides within or outside the corporate network.

OpenText Legal Hold leverages the power of utility computing and advanced web technologies to enable powerful data preservation workflows and overall legal compliance efficiency.

OpenText Legal Hold remote collection scenarios include:

  • Preserving email and documents from laptops and tablets of roving employees

    Gathering email and documents in a secure and legally defensible way from roving sales teams as part of a litigation request is highly challenging. As an example, 100 roving sales people, all laptop users with email, local documents and several server sources all need to be collected as part of the preservation and discovery process. Normally, this data gathering project would require complicated logistics planning and take weeks to complete. Using OpenText Legal Hold, the entire process would be managed via the web and take from several hours to a few days at most to complete.

  • Preserving documents and data from systems and resources on the corporate network

    Using OpenText Legal Hold, enterprise systems such as email, workstations and file shares are preserved and collected for initial attorney review as part of a regulatory request. The entire process is accomplished seamlessly and in the background, without interrupting users and without the need to manage IT software agents or special hardware or third-party systems. Legal department users are empowered and blessed by IT to initiate and manage data preservation actions on individual user accounts and within IT and IT security policies.

  •  Preserve and gather surgically - only specific documents needed

    OpenText Legal Hold is used to gather and analyze specific documents for several legal situations including M&A, EU data collections and special investigations. Many times, a more focused, relevant data preservation is best for legal strategy and information governance reasons. OpenText Legal Hold can be configured to pinpoint document preservation or be more surgical with what is preserved, gathered and included in search.

Data Control Features

OpenText Legal Hold is the system of truth for a company’s legal compliance information and intelligence.

Supports Many Data Types

Gather data in a secure manner from many types of data sources, across corporate networks or the Internet.

Real-time Updates

Access to immediate information and intelligence about legal risks and related processes via a web-based dashboard.

Strong Encryption

Relies on strong encryption and digital chain-of-custody to ensure evidentiary integrity of preserved documents and data sources.

Unicode and Foreign Language Support

The platform has been used in over 45 countries worldwide and supports Unicode and over 70 foreign languages.

System Integrations

Supports connections and data transfer integrations to many popular enterprise and third-party systems for log access and data control.

Privacy Compliance

The system is designed and contains enforcement mechanisms to ensure security and privacy at all times to sensitive company information.

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