OpenText Legal Hold

Automate & Simplify Your Legal Hold & Preservation Processes

Simplify error-prone and costly preservation processes that can result in inadvertent data spoliation by using OpenText™ Legal Hold’s proven and defensible legal process automation technology. OpenText Legal Hold automates interrelated legal hold, preservation and collection activities for greater efficiency and defensibility—in a single centralized preservation technology.

Bring Ease & Visibility to Legal Hold Management

OpenText Legal Hold is proven, legally defensible technology with expert workflows, battle tested by tens of thousands of custodians dispersed in more than 45 countries and six continents. Our technology, which is integrated with Insight Discovery for processing, review, analysis and production, allows you to centralize, control and automate your preservation processes and quickly access relevant documents for review.

Hosted securely in the cloud and easy-to-integrate with an agile, lightweight and legally defensible remote collection tool, OpenText Legal Hold can be deployed quickly, with no agents to install or manage, no hardware or software to purchase, manage and maintain and no technical expertise required. You can start using it immediately for all of your hold, collection and preservation activities.

Let Process Automation Do the Heavy Lifting

Save yourself time and headaches by automating critical, time-consuming tasks such as legal hold notifications, compliance reminders, data preservation actions, employee acknowledgment tracking, suspension of email and data retention policies to prevent inadvertent data spoliation and tracking employee change of status.

Integrate & Synchronize with IT & HR Systems

OpenText Legal Hold connects to many different corporate systems in order to create process efficiency and drive forensically sound document and data collections--including internal email systems such as Active Directory and HR applications—making custodian selection and legal hold issuance simple and straightforward processes. Set-up is easy, with no agents to install or manage.

Create & Distribute Legal Hold Notices in Minutes

OpenText Legal Hold automates many of the key mechanics of defensible preservation and discovery processes using IT automation and proven expert workflows. Use templates to create and distribute legal hold notices in minute. Track requests. Send automated compliance reminders to employees and track employee acknowledgments.

Send Custodians Web-Based Questionnaires

Notify and survey key employees to gather important information and identify relevant data sources and documents. Use suggested expert questions or generate your own, re-use templates, generate on-the-fly reports of responses—all designed to gain deeper insight earlier in a matter’s lifecycle.

Automate Enterprise Triggers for IT Task Suspension

Automate IT task suspensions relevant in accordance with email and data retention policies to prevent inadvertent data spoliation—while relevant emails and files are preserved for current, exiting or departed employees, along with subsequent legal hold management of retired assets. OpenText Legal Hold allows for e-discovery task management fulfillment, integration with Rim/IG processes and procedures, IT notification and task management, and custom reporting and notifications. 

Be Guided by Expert Processes

OpenText Legal Hold has a straightforward and intuitive user interface and wizard-style screens to help users and administrators configure workflows and options. The application is highly flexible, and can be configured to meet the organization’s business requirements. Leveraging years of experience, OpenText Legal Hold contains expert suggestions in the form of protocols, configurations and workflow options to accommodate many different legal and investigations situations. Learn more about our expert workflows >

Collect Remotely

Instead of complicated logistics planning and up to weeks to complete a data gathering project, Insight OpenText Legal Hold lets you manage the collection process via the web…in hours to a few days, at most. The entire process is accomplished seamlessly in the background, without interrupting users and without the need to manage IT software agents or special hardware or third-party systems. Legal department users are empowered to initiative and manage data preservation actions on individual user accounts and within IT and IT security policies.   

Gather data remotely from custodians located across the globe, in far-flung locations or down the hall, from enterprise email, laptops, tablets, drives, storage networks and cloud applications—with strong encryption and digital chain-of-custody.

Typical data collection scenarios include preserving email and documents from laptops and tablets of roving employees, preserving from systems and resources on the corporate network, or for surgical data gathering needs—when only specific documents are needed, such as M&A, EU data collections and special investigations. Learn more >

Enhance Your Microsoft Office 365 E-Discovery Capabilities


Save costs and reduce the burden on IT by connecting OpenText Legal Hold to Office 365. You immediately eliminate costly, higher-tier Office 365 Security & Compliance Center licenses for legal hold and preservation tasks. You also ensure synchronization between legal and IT processes, deliver employee-facing and legal administrator workflows, fix disjointed batch processes native to Office 365 and can preserve and collect data from the many non-Microsoft systems that may contain data subject to your holds.

Create a Defensible Audit Trail

Get complete tracking and audit trails for every action to help ensure defensibility of process.

Keep Your Data Secure

OpenText Legal Hold has been designed and architected with security at its core, including data privacy and encryption, access restriction and control, auditing and tracking to guaranteed high system availability and robust back up and DR processes.

Decrease the data held for legal purposes, and increase security. Preserve only relevant documents and control the outbound flow of sensitive data from the organization.  Read the security brochure (PDF) >

Control When and How Data is Preserved to Meet Your Legal Compliance Needs

OpenText Legal Hold manages sensitive data flow, focusing on preserving on the most relevant and related information for a particular situation while maintaining a secure centralized database to track every document that exist the organization as part of the legal discovery process. Use OpenText Legal Hold to securely preserve documents and data sources from anywhere in the world, regardless of whether that data resides within or outside the corporate network.

Relevant documents can be promoted to review into the OpenText™ Insight for the Enterprise platform or another review tool, preserved in a low-cost repository, archived for retention purposes, used for an immediate investigative need or virtually any other compliance or legal business need.

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