OpenText Insight for the Enterprise

A Complete Multi-Matter Platform for the Enterprise

Reduce the total cost of discovery for all your matters and minimize downstream legal fees with OpenText™ Insight for the Enterprise. A cloud-based platform, Insight for the Enterprise provides a complete set of enterprise-grade capabilities from legal hold and identification through collection, processing, ECA, search, analytics, review and production.

Streaming, Real-Time Access to Key Documents

Get real-time access to key documents. Collect data needed for your matter and then process, analyze, filter and even deliver that data for review in an unending stream as other data is still being collected—giving you access to important documents quickly.

Multi-Matter Management

Insight for the Enterprise was purpose-built for multi-matter management. Control the flow of your documents in a centralized, single repository, saving time and money with each new matter.

  • Collect and hold discovery data once.
  • Process and load documents once, and use them as often as needed for individual matters.
  • Store centrally by keeping active, key documents in your core repository for search, culling and analysis.
  • Promote often by moving relevant documents to individual matters for analysis, review, productions and trial.
  • Produce documents as often as needed, recording production history. At any time, extract insight across your matters for budgeting, case progress and other metrics to keep you on track.


Stop worrying about the costs, risk and delays that come with juggling data between multiple vendors and platforms. Centralize e-discovery management in a single enterprise platform.

Take Control

Take control over your data at every phase of discovery. Manage millions of documents across your matters. Stay on top of your cases with real-time cross-matter reporting.


Put an end to one-off discovery. Collect and process once. Assign documents to multiple matters. Synchronize review tags for consistent coding across matters. Reuse work product.

Power Your Review with Continuous Active Learning

Take advantage of OpenText™ Insight Predict, our technology assisted review tool based on continuous active learning. Set eyes on the most relevant documents first to accelerate your review and dramatically cut time and costs. Predict continuously learns what’s important and gets smarter. So you get faster, better results and lower cost.

Keep Your Data Safe

Protecting your data is a top priority. We employ strict security standards and multiple layers of physical, network, application and user-level security to safeguard sensitive and confidential information. With a single system managing all of your legal data from its source, you control the outbound flow of sensitive data.

Designed for Multi-Language Discovery

Discovery knows no borders. Process, search, review and produce in 280 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Translate on the fly. Change the OpenText™ Insight UI to your language. Host matters in the United States or Asia.

Explore Insight for the Enterprise

Legal Hold & Collect

Automate, Simplify & Save

Eliminate cumbersome manual processes and standalone software. Issue and track legal holds and preservation tasks in minutes, automate IT task suspension, integrate with corporate email and HR systems, remotely collect from desktops, servers, email, Office 365 and other cloud applications, search, preserve and promote to review in real time. Learn more >

Search & Review

Lightning Fast Search & Review

Fast, powerful and easy to use. Promote data to your matter in real time, and quickly master large document sets with leading-edge analytics and visualization. Search, analyze, review and produce data with speed and ease. Learn more >

Insight Predict

Slash Review Costs with Continuous Active Learning
Make your team more effective and reduce review costs and time with technology assisted review based on continuous active learning. Discover the most relevant documents faster, continuously learning what’s important to your matter and getting smarter as your review progresses. Learn more >

Business Intelligence

Get Real-Time Insight for Data-Driven Decisions

Say goodbye to tracking the status and progress of your legal matters using email and spreadsheets—get cross-matter reporting and visual analytics at your fingertips to help you more effectively manage cases. Learn more >

Services & Consulting

When you need expert assistance or project augmentation, bring our team on board. Whether you need analytics expertise, discovery process optimization or managed review services—or simply want to outsource processing and production tasks—our team is your team. Learn more >

Getting data to a review platform can be a painful and slow process. With Catalyst we post our data directly to our site. This cuts out delays and takes several information security concerns out of the data transfer process.

Kathy D. Hogy, Vice President of Legal Discovery, First Data Corp.

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OpenText™, The Information Company, is a market leader in Enterprise Information Management software and solutions, enabling Intelligent and Connected Enterprises by managing, leveraging, securing and gaining insight into enterprise information, on-premises or in the cloud. OpenText™ Catalyst designs, hosts and supports the world’s fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. For more than 20 years, global corporations and their counsel have relied on Catalyst to help reduce litigation costs and take control of complex legal matters.

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