OpenText™ Insight BI

Make Real-Time Decisions Across Matters, Budget & Spend

No more juggling spreadsheets, emailing PDFs or waiting weeks to get information you need to determine whether matters are on track and on budget. OpenText™ Insight BI enables legal teams to use real-time data to make informed business decisions.

Cross-Matter Reporting at Your Fingertips

Get actionable information on all your matters—delivered to your desktop, tablet or phone. Easily track the progress of your cases, counsel and even legal bills. Our integrated dashboard also puts key performance indicators at your fingertips in real time; not weeks or months later, when it’s too late to take corrective action.

  • Legal hold, data collection and storage
  • E-discovery management
  • Cross-matter budgeting
  • Key performance indicators
  • Law firm and vendor billing
  • Top grading and service efficiency of outside counsel

Customize to Your Needs

Use our standard dashboard or design your own. Our professional services team can customize data inputs, filters and reports to meet your needs. Whether you’re just processing review data, pulling directly from relevant data sources within your network or aggregating and transmitting data—we can integrate it into OpenText Insight BI so you can extract value from it.

OpenText Insight BI Provides the Data You Need, When You Need It

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