Optimized for Continuous Active Learning

We developed Active Review using Insight Predict with its unique continuous active learning protocol. Independent studies show that continuous learning, the cornerstone of TAR 2.0, is the most effective method to reduce review costs and time. Clients save on review costs. Counsel benefit because review is completed on schedule and relevant documents are identified more quickly and accurately.

What is Continuous Active Learning?

Continuous learning ensures that relevant documents are pushed to the front of the queue, making reviewers far more efficient than when using linear review or the first generation of TAR engines. The process is active because the computer selects documents for review based on its continually evolving ranking process.

As the review progresses, Predict keeps learning and refining its results. It is why our TAR 2.0 engine makes your review more flexible and cost effective. To make it possible, we developed our own algorithms, capable of ranking millions of documents in minutes, rather than hours or days. You can learn more about CAL Learning here.

What is Active Review?

We integrate our TAR 2.0 engine into Insight’s review module. When reviewers request the next batch of documents, Insight Predict delivers a unique blend of highly ranked documents and those selected through contextual diversity to ensure that the review is as efficient and effective as possible.

Active review means the system is actively selecting the best documents to move the review forward. Reviewers simply do their work without worrying about the underlying algorithm or even the fact that they are using a powerful predictive ranking engine.

Save Time and Money

Research shows that CAL is the fastest and most efficient way to find relevant documents—it is hands-down quicker than linear review and the first-generation TAR engines. Fewer documents to review means lower review cost and the review finished ahead of deadline.

Catalyst was the first to integrate CAL into our predictive analytics engine and remains the leader in the TAR 2.0 revolution. Our teams are specialists in the CAL protocol and at leveraging our industry-leading, predictive ranking engine.


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