E-discovery is the biggest line in my legal department's budget. How do you help me control the growing costs?

By consolidating your e-discovery into our secure and powerful central repository, you can reduce total spending by 50 percent or more on aggregated volumes. Our technology enables you to achieve greater efficiency with fewer errors at every step of the process and across all your cases and counsel. We deliver power, automation, consistency and control so that your reviews are done once, done right and done on schedule.

I manage dozens of lawsuits involving my company. How do I get all our outside firms to follow our preferred practices?

Our central repository enables you to save on discovery costs by standardizing your best practices and workflows. With our platform, your documents can be reused from case to case. You can standardize your workflow for every case and firm for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Documents are tagged once for consistency across cases. Privilege is more consistently screened and better protected.

Many of our cases involve documents from the same core group of key custodians. Do we need to reprocess this data for every new matter?

When collections from key custodians may be relevant to multiple matters, we enable you to handle this efficiently through multiple databases. Core collections and commonly used documents can be centralized in their own database. As you launch new sites for new matters, you can easily copy over these core documents to the new sites, complete with tagging.

Some of our documents involve highly confidential trade secrets. Can I control who gets access to these on our review teams?

To protect your sensitive and confidential corporate documents, we use secure document collections. Our secure collections enable you to segregate your documents so that only appropriate and authorized reviewers have access. Our corporate clients use secure document collections to protect highly sensitive information pertaining to key executives, future products, and other such matters. A corporation may have multiple secure collections that vary by the degree of sensitivity of the documents they contain and by the types of people who have access.

Fear that our privileged documents will be inadvertently disclosed during discovery keeps me awake at night. Is there a way to automatically and consistently screen for privilege?

Using Catalyst's Power Search, companies can screen documents automatically as they are loaded, running thousands of searches for privilege, confidentiality and keywords. Not only does this let you screen your documents, but it also ensures that your documents are tagged consistently across all cases and matters. Additionally, it cuts down the time spent by outside counsel to search for privileged and confidential documents.

For one corporate client alone, we run nearly 10,000 searches on every load. To date for that client, we have run over 22 million searches.

I read a lot about how predictive coding can save time and money in review. Is that something you do and how does it work?

Since the first days of e-discovery, teams have reviewed documents in a linear fashion, jumping from relevant to irrelevant with no way to make the process more efficient. Now, using predictive coding, we can separate the relevant documents in advance and dramatically reduce the need to review irrelevant documents. You save on review costs without sacrificing defensibility.

Catalyst was an early pioneer in the use of predictive coding techniques for e-discovery. We continue to expand our predictive coding technology, with a research team led by one of the leading search scientists in the world.

My legal department needs to closely track review progress across all our cases. What types of reports and metrics can you provide us?

Catalyst provides standard and customized real-time reporting, so that you always have the information you need about your cases. Standard reports show review progress statistically and graphically. Download progress statistics into Excel, Word or HTML. Reviewer metrics track reviewer productivity with automatically generated charts showing documents per hour and numbers of documents reviewed. Summary reports by stage and user show time spent, average documents reviewed per hour and total documents reviewed.

Our litigation needs ebb and flow and our cases vary in size. Do you offer a platform that scales to my needs?

Because Catalyst's secure, grid-based platform is delivered via the cloud, it scales to handle the largest of cases, yet is perfect for smaller cases as well. A single interface, accessible through any standard Web browser, makes it easy for everyone on your team, no matter where in the world they are located. Training costs are reduced and overall efficiency improves. You won't need to buy new hardware and you won't pay for the system when your caseload decreased.

The more global our company has become, the more our cases involve documents in multiple languages. How do I ensure accuracy in reviewing multi-language documents, without breaking the bank?

Catalyst is consistently recognized as an industry leader in multi-language e-discovery. One of the first companies to properly handle multi-language data, we provide corporations with a one-stop source for language expertise and technology. By using a single, highly experienced vendor for all your multi-language processing, translation, search and review, you reduce errors and cut costs.

We can process and search data in more than 280 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We also provide enhanced machine translation, strategic search consulting and multi-language review management and staffing. Catalyst's Insight also allows you to "localize" the user interface so that reviewer can use the software in their native language.

I am concerned about defensibility. What tracking is available to verify the steps in our review?

With Catalyst Insight, our new e-discovery platform, searches conducted by your review team can be tracked. Should the defensibility of your review become an issue, these tracked searches provide a "paper trail" of the review.

Other platforms promise they can cover the full EDRM spectrum. Wouldn't it be a hassle for us to use one vendor for collection and another for search and review?

Corporations increasingly recognize the value of a blended approach, using in-house systems to manage documents internally and then using external providers to manage the complex demands of document review. Moving your native files into our system is easy using our Fast Track automated processing and loading. We also work with a variety of industry partners to provide seamless, end-to-end integration across every step of the EDRM.

I am comfortable with the control I have using an appliance-based platform. Why would I switch to a grid-based platform?

With our grid-based technology, you continue to have all the control of an appliance-based platform, but with far greater capacity and without any of the ongoing costs or headaches. No appliance-based system can match the speed, power and scalability of our grid of hundreds of servers across multiple data centers. You continue to manage document collection internally, and then tap into the power of our system to handle the resource-intensive work of analyzing, searching and reviewing high volumes of data. By taking advantage of one of the fastest and most powerful systems on the market, you save on overall discovery costs.

What People Are Saying

"Our clients now have a cost-effective end-to-end EDRM solution."

Alon Israely, Founder, BIA Advisory Services Group

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