Get to the Most Important Documents First, Slash Review Costs

OpenText™ Insight Predict, innovative technology assisted review based on continuous active learning, can cut review costs by up to 80%. With review comprising the largest part of your discovery spend, who can afford first-generation TAR systems, standard keyword search or linear review?

Get the Most Out of TAR

We’ll help you get the most out of your review using Predict. Our experience from hundreds of Predict cases helps you streamline your review, meeting often-tight deadlines while reducing total costs of discovery.

Accelerate Review, Quickly Reduce Data Volumes & Costs

Set eyes on the most important documents first, while setting aside nonrelevant data. Our consultants are expert at using Predict to quickly and defensibly find what matters.

Identify & Protect Sensitive & Private Data

You need a comprehensive process to properly protect privileged, proprietary, confidential and other sensitive information. With decades of cumulative experience, our experts apply advanced technology to identify and protect your most sensitive data to a statistical certainty, ensuring defensibility and confidence in your results.

Use for ECA, Inbound Productions, Investigations & Depo Prep

TAR isn’t just for outbound review and production. Let Catalyst help you use Predict just as effectively for inbound review and early case assessment to get a quick understanding of your case and potential exposure, regulatory compliance and internal investigations.

Bring Your Geek to Court

As former Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck advised, bring your geek to court. Our analytics consultants have been helping clients develop and defend TAR methodologies for years. We’ll stand beside you to explain the technology and processes used.

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