Uncover Facts Quickly

When it comes to integrating analytics into your discovery or other legal data management needs, you need more than a great algorithm. Our team of analytics consultants, data scientists, statisticians and linguists can help you get to the right information quickly and at low cost while isolating and protecting sensitive data such as privilege, PII, NPI, trade secret and more.

Data & Custodians Unknown? No Problem

When you don’t yet know who is involved, we’ll help you apply best practices process and consulting expertise using Insight Legal Hold and Collect’s automated data steward and custodian interviews to gain early insight into the potential universe of relevant data.

Understand Potential Exposure

We’ll help you analyze your potential data collections so you quickly understand potential exposure, along with sources of risk. With our remote collection software and proven workflows, we can help you quickly understand what happened when, with appropriate discretion, while saving you time and costs of collecting documents not needed.

Real-Time Access to Key Documents

Streaming discovery processes and Insight Predict allow you to set eyes on the hot documents first. While data is being collected, you can process, analyze, filter and deliver that data for review in an unending stream as other data is still being collected.

Identify Additional Custodians, Timeframes & Themes

As documents are collected, our experts will develop and implement an analytics strategy to identify additional custodians, timeframes, case themes or issues, and other pertinent information to be collected and preserved in our low-cost repository.

Early Data Assessment

We’ll help you determine the viability of your investigations. Where necessary, we’ll help you identify which documents should be promoted for review and which can be defensibly culled out of a document population.

Quickly Understand a Reasonable Fact Pattern

In an investigation, precision is important. Using keyword search, advanced analytics and Insight Predict, you’ll see the most important documents first so you can unearth key facts and hot documents for timely and strategic decisions.

We work with speed and discretion, so you can quickly make sense of the facts and act.

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