We Speak 280 Languages

The rise in cross-border litigation and regulatory oversight means more multi-language review. A leader in Asian language discovery, we offer a powerful combination of technology and services for search and review in more than 280 languages.

Multi-Lingual Managed Review Teams with Global Reach

We can quickly staff teams of multi-language reviewers for the complicated Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) and other foreign languages in our U.S. or Asia offices. Learn more >

Multi-Language Search Consulting

Our consultants are experts in multi-language search, offering tested strategies for accurately searching and reviewing multi-language documents.

Use Insight Discovery for Your Multi-Language Matters

Applying standard processing, indexing, search and analytics to multi-language review can be tricky. We solved these issues years ago. Now you can master projects involving any language. We'll guide you throughout the process. Learn more >

Process & Index in Any Language

Our processing engine was designed for complex multi-language documents. We not only handle Unicode but can also process and index non-Unicode documents including documents using Asian-language encodings such as Shift JIS and Big 5. During the indexing process, we identify and tokenize languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew and Arabic. If the words are not tokenized during indexing, a search engine won’t return search hits accurately.

Search & Review in 280 Languages

Search across more than 280 languages with a single query, using a consistent query syntax. When you are searching in a language other than English, Insight Search and Review allows you to identify the specific language being searched for more accurate results.

Group Documents by Language for Review

As documents are indexed, the system identifies a primary language, allowing review administrators to group and assign documents by language. This leads to more efficient use of multi-language reviewers.

Translate Documents on the Fly

Translate documents from other languages into English with one click. Or automatically assign documents for bulk translation. In addition, our Translation Assistant allows you to translate search terms from English into your target language.

Enhanced Machine Translation

While traditional computer-assisted translation is cheaper than human translation, it does not do a good job for CJK languages. Our enhanced machine translation allows you to build a glossary that can dramatically improve results with CJK.

TAR that Works Across Languages

OpenText™ Insight Predict, our predictive analytics engine based on continuous active learning, is designed to accurately handle the complexities multi-language review. We will work with you to optimize CJK or other language review using Predict.

Turn to the experts for your multi-language review and translation needs.

Insight continues OpenText + Catalyst's leadership in multi-language e-discovery, through its support for 280 languages (including Chinese, Japanese and Korean), its multi-language UI and its success with multi-language predictive coding.


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