Control Your Costs & Achieve Better Results 

Discovery is often treated as a one-off process, creating operational efficiencies and unnecessary internal and external costs. We treat discovery as a repeatable enterprise business process, and we'll work with you to design and implement a proactive technology-enabled approach that fits your budget, objectives and use case needs. 

Data Mapping & Assessment

With the GDPR and other data protection regulations, it’s critical that you understand where the potential risks are. By applying technology and process, we’ll develop comprehensive data maps that help you better know what data resides where—improving process efficiency and reducing downstream costs and burden when discovery is required.

Data Migration & Integration

Whether you’re seeking to replace a legacy legal hold system, consolidate vendors and third-party technology or improve your overall legal technology investments, our technical and process consultants will work with you to identify opportunities for greater cost control and operational efficiencies. Based on your needs, we can help you migrate your data to OpenText™ Legal Hold or our full-EDRM platform, OpenText™ Insight for the Enterprise, ensuring all data and metadata is preserved and sensitive data handled properly.

Discovery Process Implementation & Standardization

We’ll help you develop a corporate playbook with standardized practices that integrate your e-discovery efforts—legal hold, collection, investigations, review, analysis and production—into a single model that can be implemented across all matters. A corporate e-discovery playbook provides a foundation to efficiently run your department, actively control outside counsel and vendor costs, measure and improve your processes.

Customized to Your Needs

With best-practices refined over thousands of engagements with diverse and complex needs, our experience spans the entire legal data management lifecycle:

  • Litigation readiness
  • Forensics and collections
  • Meet-and-confer support
  • Protocol Consulting
  • ESI and protective orders
  • Sampling and statistical validation
  • Strategic search and keyword consulting
  • Document review and multi-language support
  • Expert testimony

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