Data Privacy & Regulatory Compliance

Proactively Identify, Protect & Respond

Need Help Across the Border?

You know the challenges inherent in balancing a portfolio of domestic and international litigation, including navigating multi-jurisdictional compliance and data privacy requirements. Catalyst understands cross-border hurdles and will help you steer through them.

We have decades of on-the-ground experience helping Asia-based corporations and global corporations with operations in Asia, along with their outside counsel, manage cross-border data movement for compliance and potential litigation. We’ll help you understand each country’s legal landscape—including data privacy issues, unique language and cultural barriers and logistical headaches. We can deploy our legal hold and remote collection technology—the first step in any litigation, investigation or compliance strategy—anywhere in the world.

Keep Your Data Secure & Private

When sensitive data moves within your organization it increases risk—and when those moves cross borders, risks can be magnified. We’ll help you identify and protect sensitive data in discovery before it gets produced, and also proactively work with you to identify the scope of data sources and repositories containing private and sensitive data before it gets into discovery.

OpenText™ Insight for the Enterprise provides advanced analytics and innovative review functionality to keep data secure and private during discovery, including detection and automated redaction functionality for PII, PHI, NPI and other sensitive data.

When data needs to move, we design and implement a stringent data transfer approval process with checkpoints to comply with all applicable data privacy laws, and to ensure that such data is accessible only by those authorized for access.

Investigate with Speed

An internal investigation is often the first step in incident response. Whether assessing a potential regulatory violation or preparing for possible litigation, speed is key to understanding what happened. Catalyst can help you identify the right custodians, discreetly collect their data while protecting sensitive information, and then effectively and defensibly assess the situation. Learn more >

“Look Back” with Confidence

When working under a regulator’s microscope, you want to proceed expeditiously and with confidence. Look back reviews can comprise considerable data volumes under tight time frames, and require the right combination of process, technology and expertise. Powered by OpenText™ Insight Predict and a team of experienced process consultants and reviewers, we can help you quickly assess millions of documents, uncovering potential violations or other areas of risk and establishing proactive procedures so you can timely uncover potential issues before they turn into liabilities.

Monitor & Respond

All too often, corporate legal professionals seem to want a technological silver bullet, hoping to “set and forget” their compliance policy. Not only is such a strategy risky and potentially noncompliant—it also is inefficient and costly. We’ll help you understand your current compliance landscape and defensibly improve efficiency and compliance using technology.

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