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  • A Qualitative Approach to Winning E-Discovery Business in Japan

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    Dave Sannar

    In Japan, it’s not just business. It’s personal.

    Many years ago, a surprising turn of events taught me a lesson I’ll never forget about working with Japanese companies.

    A U.S. law firm had invited the e-discovery company I worked at to make a presentation to its client in Japan. The law firm had worked with the client for several months and it was time to talk discovery. To be impartial, the law firm had invited several e-discovery vendors to present.

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  • Ask Catalyst: A User's Guide to TAR

    Download TAR for Smart People

    Your Questions Answered About Technology Assisted Review

    By John Tredennick, Jeremy Pickens, Robert Ambrogi, Thomas C. Gricks III & Mark Noel

    At Catalyst, we receive many questions about technology assisted review and the workflows related to our advanced TAR 2.0 platform (Insight Predict) and its continuous learning algorithm. Other questions address generic TAR topics. Your questions were so good that we thought it would be useful to compile them and our answers into a book for handy reference. We hope you find it useful.

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  • Best Practices in Planning and Conducting a Multi-Language Review

    An instructional webinar with Mark Noel, Chihiro Suzuki, and Jonathan Hiroshi Rossi

    As businesses go global, so do their legal matters. For e-discovery, that means the greater likelihood that documents will be in multiple languages—often technically challenging languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

    What does this mean for the review process and for the use of technology assisted review (TAR)?

    A multi-language review differs significantly from an English-only review. It requires different workflows, different checklists and different considerations. Even so, TAR can be used effectively with multi-language collections to achieve efficiency and savings.

    This "how to" on-demand webinar details the steps to take when setting up a multi-language TAR project. Our goal is to help you achieve the maximum savings in time and money.


    Here's what you’ll learn:

    • Collections—In a multi-language matter, the collections process raises technical, legal and linguistic issues. Get details on how to collect, who should do it and where to host what you collect.
    • Processing—Proper processing is a critical step for a multi-language collection. Learn about language identification, tokenization and machine translations.
    • Workflows—Multi-language reviews typically require multiple review teams. See how to structure a review for multiple review teams and how to fine-tune it to achieve maximum time and cost efficiency from non-English language reviewers.
    • TAR—This can be highly effective with multi-language collections, but only if it is done right. Find out how to make the best use of TAR with multi-language documents, including those in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


    Mark Noel

    Mark Noel, Managing Director, Professional Services, Catalyst

    Mark is a managing director of professional services at Catalyst, where he specializes in helping clients use technology-assisted review, advanced analytics, and custom workflows to handle complex and large-scale litigations. Before joining Catalyst, Mark was a member of the Acuity team at FTI Consulting, co-founded an e-discovery software startup, and was an intellectual property litigator with Latham & Watkins LLP.

    Chihiro Suzuki

    Chihiro Suzuki, International Operations Liaison, Catalyst

    Since joining Catalyst Japan as a project consultant in May 2012, Chihiro has become an invaluable bridge between our clients in Asia, their U.S. counsel, and internal teams in Japan and the United States. Chihiro is bilingual in Japanese and English, and has a gift for breaking down language and cultural barriers. She is based in Pennsylvania and focuses on setting up workflow models that perform better for our clients in Asia who deal with multiple languages in their legal matters.

    Jonathan Hiroshi Rossi

    Jonathan Hiroshi Rossi, Founder and CEO, The CJK Group

    Jonathan founded The CJK Group as an Asian language resource for law firms and corporate legal departments handling Asian-language discovery. He’s experienced in a variety of large-scale matters, and brings special insight into how to best manage a multi-language review team. Jonathan attended UC Berkeley, UC Hastings School of Law, Temple University Law School (Japan campus) and Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo/Yokohama.

  • Catalyst Professional Services

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    World-Class Expertise for Corporate Discovery

    Catalyst Professional Services is committed to helping corporations and their law firms more effectively and efficiently use technology to manage complex legal matters. Our dedicated teams of veteran discovery professionals work side-by-side with your legal departments and case teams to help you maximize efficiency and cost savings. We focus on the technology so you can focus on your cases.The Skills You Need, When You Need Them

    From start to end of your projects, a team of experienced discovery consultants is dedicated to your support. Our professionals focus on ensuring that you meet case objectives and deadlines, using defensible and battle-tested strategies.

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  • Companies Are Turning to E-Discovery Technology for Global Compliance Investigations

    Download CC Companies Are Turning to E Discovery

    John Tredennick

    As nations intensify their enforcement of anticorruption laws, multinational corporations face enormous civil and criminal financial risk. The most painful reminder of this came in 2008, when Siemens agreed to pay fines totaling $1.6 billion to settle bribery charges brought by U.S. and German authorities. Huge though that was, it was by no means an anomaly. As recently as February, telecomm provider VimpelCom was required to pay $795 million to resolve bribery charges brought by U.S. and Dutch regulators.

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  • Five Questions to Ask Your TAR Vendor About Continuous Active Learning

    Download Five Questions to Ask Your TAR Vendor About Continuous Active LearningBy Thomas Gricks, Esq.

    How to Ensure that Your Review Platform Uses the Most Effective Technology

    In their July 2014 paper, Evaluation of Machine-Learning Protocols for Technology-Assisted Review in Electronic Discovery, Maura Grossman and Gordon Cormack reported the results of their controlled TAR study in which they compared the effectiveness of a Continuous Active Learning (CAL) protocol against two first-generation (TAR 1.0) protocols that use one-time training. Their study found the CAL protocol to be more effective—most times much more effective— than the TAR 1.0 protocols.

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  • Forensics and Collections

    Download ProductGuide Forensics and Collections

    Remote or On-Location Services Backed by the Catalyst Guarantee

    Directly and through a global network of partners, Catalyst delivers forensic investigation and collection services around the world. We can perform collections remotely in minutes or have a team on-site in your offices.

    Our services include:

    • Forensic imaging of electronic media
    • Recovery and analysis of computer evidence
    • Password recovery and cracking protected files
    • Expert testimony at depositions, hearings and trials

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  • In Compliance Investigations, Companies Find That E-discovery Technology Delivers Results and Savings

    Download Financier Compliance Investigations

    John Tredennick

    No matter what steps a corporation takes to ensure legal compliance by its officers and employees, there is no fail-safe. Violations of anti-corruption laws and other regulatory schemes can still occur. When they do, a corporation faces the risk of substantial civil and criminal sanctions.

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  • Simplify Japanese Discovery with Insight Predict

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  • TAR for Smart People

    Download TAR for Smart People

    Expanded and Updated Seconded Edition

    How Technology Assisted Review Works & Why it Matters for Legal Professionals

    By John Tredennick, Mark Noel, Jeremy Pickens, Robert Ambrogi & Thomas C. Gricks III

    Technology Assisted Review has been a game changer for e-discovery professionals, offering dramatic savings in both time and review costs for savvy clients and their legal counsel. This book confronts the difficult issues with the first generation of TAR applications, while showcasing the newer, more advanced protocols coming with TAR 2.0.

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  • Using Multi-Matter Repositories to Improve Litigation Management and Lower Discovery Costs

    Download Catalyst Inside Counsel Multi Matter RepositoryBy Aaron Goldberg, CEO at Content4IT

    The old maxim lists life’s certainties as death and taxes. However, for most corporations, there is a third certainty: litigation.

    The average corporation, in fact, will be involved in not just a single legal action, but several over the course of its life. A recent survey by Norton, Rose, Fulbright shows that 55% of enterprises have more than five lawsuits pending, and more than 32% have 20 or more actions pending.

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  • Using TAR 2.0 to Streamline Document Review for Japanese Patent Litigation

    Download Using TAR 2.0 to Streamline Documents

    Continuous Active Review Cuts Cost by Over 85%

    Our client was a multinational Japanese company facing a large document production in an international patent dispute. The initial review collection exceeded 2 million documents. After a series of rolling uploads, which continued throughout the review, the population slated for review grew to 3.6 million. Facing millions in review costs, the client sought an alternative to linear review.

    Review time was short. The client’s goal was to finish the review in four weeks with a small team handling the project. The documents were primarily in Japanese, with some English in the mix, and many involved highly technical subject matter.


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  • When Machine Intelligence Joins Your Professional Services Team

    Download Articles When Machine Intelligence Joins Your Professional Services TeamBy Mark Noel

    Best practices and potential pitfalls when integrating TAR into your existing processes

    Intelligent machines are increasingly becoming critical “members” of legal teams. Adding technology assisted review (TAR) and other forms of artificial intelligence to your team requires a look at established tasks and workflows. This article, first published by ILTA in 2015, offers a framework to help you think about, develop and evaluate different discovery workflows when machine intelligence joins your team. The critical factor in your success will be designing workflows that most effectively use all the tools and resources at your disposal.

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