Denver—August 30, 2018—Catalyst announced that Dr. Jeremy Pickens, Catalyst chief research scientist, will be speaking at the DESIRES 2018 conference August 28-31, 2018, in Bertinoro, Italy. The conference, sponsored by Google and Bloomberg, brings together the foremost researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss the latest innovations and visionary ideas in the technological aspects of search and retrieval systems.

Dr. Pickens is speaking on an industry panel with Microsoft, Google and UXLabs that will examine topics that are of increasing importance in industrial settings but may not be significant in academia. He and the panelists will discuss problems, emergent trends and their implications for the future of the field.

“This discussion is important in e-discovery because academic researchers bring fresh perspectives to the domain, which can open up new areas in which e-discovery can become more effective,” said Dr. Pickens. “My objective as part of this discussion is to provoke my academic colleagues into thinking about what should happen to information retrieval system design as one moves away from typical web search engine goals of high precision and metrics related to user satisfaction and user engagement, to the goal of being able to guarantee that high recall--80% or more of the available relevant documents for a matter--has been achieved. The algorithms employed, the way in which they are employed, and the interactions between the system and its users are vastly different in a high recall setting. It is an area that is rife with open research questions to which academia can contribute.”

Dr. Pickens is a prominent information retrieval scientists and a pioneer in the field of collaborative exploratory search, and has seven patents and patents pending. As chief data scientist at Catalyst, Dr. Pickens has spearheaded the development of Insight Predict, technology-assisted review (TAR) based on a continuous active learning (CAL) protocol. His ongoing research and development focuses on methods for continuous learning, and the variety of real world TAR workflows that are only possible with this approach. Dr. Pickens earned his doctoral degree at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval. He conducted his post-doctoral work at King’s College, London. Before joining Catalyst, he spent five years as a research scientist at FX Palo Alto Lab, Inc.

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