Remote or On-Location Services Underscore Growth in Capabilities

Denver—January 27, 2016—Catalyst, the leader in powerfully simple e-discovery, today announced that it is delivering forensic investigation and collection services on a global basis both directly and through a global network of forensic and collections partners. The new service has been rolled out over the past several months, and it will now provide remote or on-location services backed by testifying experts with a wide range of certifications and forensic credentials.

“Catalyst has long been recognized as an e-discovery industry leader providing the world’s fastest and most powerful document repositories for large scale discovery and regulatory investigations.” said Catalyst CEO John Tredennick. “We are excited to let people know that we also have the capability to deploy specialists with decades of experience in global data collection who realize it is not just a technical project, but an experience requiring cultural expertise and savvy. In addition, we now provide true end-to-end e-discovery capability.”

Investigations and Forensics

With this new service, Catalyst can investigate and analyze computer data for purposes of identification, preservation, extraction, interpretation and documentation of electronic evidence, all with an eye towards future admissibility. With experts who have certifications and forensic credentials including EnCE, CISSP, CHFI, GPEN, GCFA, GSLC, CASP, and ACE, they are prepared to help multinationals and local companies involved in investigative and legislative matters. They are trained to analyze a variety of hardware and software systems, including:

  • Desktop and laptop computers
  • Smartphones and older-model cell phones
  • External drives and flash drives
  • iPads and other tablet computers
  • Digital still and video cameras
  • Servers / Backup tapes
  • Cloud services including Google Drive and Office 365

Remote Collection

Catalyst’s collections team is also fluent in the technologies needed to initiate remote collections safely and securely in almost any part of the world. Among the capabilities they offer:

  • Forensic imaging of electronic media
  • Recovery and analysis of computer evidence
  • Expert testimony at depositions, hearings and trials

“In the last minute alone, over 2 million emails were just sent and over 2 million Google queries were made,” said Catalyst Director of Forensic Collections Melinda Redenius. “Global corporate data is doubling every 14 months. Your typical IT person just does not have the experience, expertise to comb through the vast array of devices used in today’s professional world, not to mention the certifications necessary to maintain the admissibility of discovered evidence. Vast amounts of discoverable information can be found that could sway a case to a more favorable outcome if professionals control the collections effort.”

The Catalyst Forensic Collections team will help speed the e-discovery process, and lower the total overall cost, by providing planning and technical advice, producing and complying with preservation letters, collection of relevant data based on court-approved techniques, and production and analysis of culled data.

About Catalyst

Catalyst designs, hosts and services the world's fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. For more than 15 years, corporations and their counsel have relied on Catalyst to help reduce litigation costs and take control of complex legal matters. To learn more, visit or follow the company on Twitter at @CatalystSecure.

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About Catalyst

Catalyst designs, builds, hosts and supports the world’s fastest and most powerful e-discovery platform. For 20 years, Catalyst has helped global corporations reduce the total cost of discovery and take control of complex, large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance.

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