Japanese and Asian businesses now have in-region access to Catalyst’s next-generation e-discovery and TAR products

TOKYO, June 1, 2015—Businesses in Japan and Asia will now be able to realize the same savings in e-discovery costs and time as their U.S. counterparts, with Catalyst’s launch today in Japan of its next-generation e-discovery platform Catalyst Insight and its industry-leading technology-assisted review tool Insight Predict. The products will be hosted in data centers physically located in Tokyo, where they will be available to businesses and legal teams throughout Japan and Asia.

In addition to introducing Insight and Insight Predict to the country, Catalyst is also expanding its support team, launching a new Catalyst Japan website and adding new sales positions.

“With this move, Catalyst is demonstrating its long-standing commitment to serving the e-discovery needs of Asian businesses,” said John Tredennick, Catalyst’s founder and CEO. “From our earliest days, we have been leaders in developing technology to streamline Asian-language legal matters. We look forward to helping our Japanese and Asian clients achieve even greater savings and better results by providing access to these powerful tools without requiring that businesses host their data abroad.”

Catalyst has maintained an office in Tokyo since 2010 and operated data centers there since 2011 to serve clients throughout the Asia region. Until now, however, the Japan data centers ran Catalyst CR, the platform that Catalyst developed prior to Insight. Japanese clients who wanted to use Insight had to host their data in the U.S.

Catalyst's operations in Japan and Asia are directed by David M. Sannar, a veteran e-discovery and forensics executive who has more than 20 years' experience working with companies in Asian markets, primarily in Japan, where he has lived for nearly a decade. He is fluent in speaking and writing Japanese.

For Japanese-language matters, Insight and Insight Predict bring dramatic improvements to manage large-scale e-discovery and regulatory matters in the areas of speed, scalability and results. In one recent case, a Japanese multinational involved in an international patent dispute faced a review that involved 3.6 million Japanese and English documents and potential review costs of several million dollars. Using Insight, the company cut the time and cost of the review by 85 percent, saving millions.

A recent review of Insight and Insight Predict for the American Bar Association by e-discovery and technology consultant Brett Burney described them as products that “push the boundaries of how technology can help lawyers face the struggling challenges involved in e-discovery.” Insight Predict is the only commercial product that uses Continuous Active Learning, a protocol that dramatically simplifies the TAR process.

For more information about Insight capabilities for the Japanese market, go to: http://catalystsecure.com/jp.

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Catalyst designs, builds, hosts and supports the world’s fastest and most powerful e-discovery platform. For 20 years, Catalyst has helped global corporations reduce the total cost of discovery and take control of complex, large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance.

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