Only the Second E-Discovery Book Ever in Korea, It Provides a Comprehensive Overview for Business Leaders

Catalyst Repository Systems, the leader in secure, cloud-based software powering global discovery for corporations and law firms, today announced that the head of its South Korea office, Youngsoo Park, is the coauthor with Jeongho Yoo of a just-published Korean-language book about e-discovery for business leaders. The book, What Every Business Person Should Know about eDiscovery, provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of e-discovery.

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The book is only the second on e-discovery ever published in Korea and the first in which hands-on professionals explore the topic in depth. The authors cover the history and basics of e-discovery and then examine key topics and legal issues in e-discovery practice, both in the United States and Korea. They also explain several of the leading technology platforms for e-discovery, including Catalyst Insight. The book was published in March in Seoul by Written in Korean, it can be ordered here.

Park is considered one of the leading e-discovery experts in Korea. He joined Catalyst in 2013, when the company opened its first office in Seoul. He oversees the office and the expansion of Catalyst's Asia-Pacific operations into South Korea. Co-author Yoo is the head of e-discovery, digital forensics and information security for a major corporation in Korea. He has served as an instructor in digital forensics for the Korea Police Investigation Agency, the Cyber Terror Response Center and the Korea Customs Service.

The book includes chapters on e-discovery in the U.S. and the evolution of e-discovery practice under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. It also discusses e-discovery in Korea, including an overview of applicable Korea laws and a discussion of the country's corporate culture and environment. Other sections of the book cover digital forensics, the stages of e-discovery under the EDRM, and the preparation and implementation of an e-discovery strategy.

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