DENVER, January 30, 2014—When Big Data meets Big Legal, corporations and their counsel need Big Discovery. This year at LegalTech New York, attendees will get to see the speed and power of Big Discovery in action first hand. Catalyst Repository Systems will use a live database of more than 23 million records to demonstrate the Big Discovery capabilities of Insight--the one e-discovery platform specifically engineered with the speed and power needed to meet the global demands of Big Discovery.

The demonstration site, specifically created for LegalTech, is believed to be the largest live database ever used by a vendor at the show, and is nearly thirty-eight times larger than the 600,000-document Enron data set typically used to demo other e-discovery platforms.

See Big Discovery in action at LegalTech Booth 1511.

"Expanding data volumes continue to drive up the cost of e-discovery," said John Tredennick, Catalyst's founder and CEO. "We built this database to showcase how our platform can deliver accurate results and cut costs in the real-world context of complex, global, 'Big Discovery' litigation. Don't just take our word for it that Insight is fast. See it and experience it for yourself."

IBM estimates that corporations create 2.5 exabytes of data every day and that 90 percent of the world's data was created in the last two years. Specifically built for Big Data Discovery, Insight gives global corporations and their counsel the power they need to manage even the largest and most complex cases.

Catalyst will also be demonstrating Insight Predict, its advanced technology-assisted review platform, which is fully integrated with Catalyst Insight. Insight Predict enables litigation teams to prioritize their review, cutting both the time and cost of review by 50 percent or more.

About Catalyst Repository Systems

A pioneer in cloud-based discovery and litigation technology, Catalyst provides global corporations and their counsel with secure, scalable multi-language document repositories specifically built to manage Big Discovery. Through Catalyst Insight, its next-generation e-discovery platform, and Insight Predict, its advanced technology-assisted review tool, Catalyst enables corporations to reduce the cost and risk of discovery, achieve greater control and predictability in workflows, and gain greater visibility and accountability across all their matters. Corporations and their counsel cut discovery costs with Catalyst through multi-matter repositories, predictive analytics and a dedicated Professional Services consulting team.

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