TAR for Smart People
How Technology Assisted Review Works and Why It Matters for Legal Professionals

Expanded and Updated Second Edition


Technology Assisted Review has been a game changer for e-discovery professionals, offering dramatic savings in both time and review costs for savvy clients and their legal counsel. This book confronts the difficult issues with the first generation of TAR applications, while showcasing the newer, more advanced protocols coming with TAR 2.0.

A good place to start the journey to understanding is TAR for Smart People, a book by John Tredennick, one of the pioneers of e-discovery (and legal technology generally). TAR for Smart People is a superb guide to a critical and often misunderstood topic. The book is clear but technically deep, founded on fact, balanced, and engaging. Who knew statistical sampling could be fun?

Michael Mills, AI expert and cofounder of Neota Logic


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