Catalyst Insight Enterprise E-Discovery Platform

Reduce discovery costs and provide predictability through a secure, central e-discovery ... >>

International Document Review with Insight Predict

  See how Continuous Active Learning can cut cost by over 85% in this case study... >>

Lower Your Total Cost of Review

It seems every e-discovery company these days claims to offer an advanced TAR product. But only Cata... >>

TAR 101 With John Tredennick

An Introduction for Legal Professionals >>

Three Categories of Search in Discovery

Each has Different Measures for Determining Success >>

Contextual Diversity

Continuous Active Exploration of Information >>

Continuous Active Learning

How It Works and Why It Matters to Legal Professionals >>

Discover Which Keywords are the Most Useful

Insight's Tracked Search Shows Which Terms Yield the Best Results >>

Create a Timeline of Who Did What When

Insight's Dynamic Timeline Tool Lets You Visualize Critical Dates >>

Track Communications Between Key Actors

Insight's Visual Communications Report Tool Can be a Game Changer >>

Load Thousands of Keyword Highlights

Insight Instantly Loads Large Documents with Thousands of Highlights >>

Visually Create & Manage Review Workflows

Insight's Review Module Simplifies Workflow Set-Up and Management >>

Use Found Counts to Build Better Searches

Save Time by Knowing the Results Count Dynamically Before Submitting >>

Go Beyond Keywords with Faceted Search

Insight Instantly Searches Multiple Data Fields and Visualizes the Results ... >>

Search Up to 1,000 Keywords at Once

Power Search Shows Total and Individual Keyword Results >>

A Helping Hand for Constructing Searches

Insight's Multi-Value Search Helper Aids in Building Queries >>

Easily Create Aliases to Search Name Variations

Search Aliases for a Single Name or Combine Them into Group Searches >>


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Catalyst designs, builds, hosts and supports the world’s fastest and most powerful e-discovery platform. For 20 years, Catalyst has helped global corporations reduce the total cost of discovery and take control of complex, large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance.

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