Catalyst Managed Review Saves Technology Company $350,000 in Price Fixing Investigation

Optimized Review Significantly Reduces Need for Outside Counsel to Conduct Quality Control Our cl... >>

Global Corporation Efficiently Manages Tens of Thousands of Technical Documents Across More Than 70 Patent Cases

Most companies spend significant time and budget “reinventing the wheel” in repetitive litigation... >>

High-Efficiency Review Enables Client to Meet Short Deadlines; Significantly Reduces Costs

Catalyst Managed Review + TAR 2.0 Finds 94% of the Relevant Documents   Our client, a global cor... >>

Predict Proves Effective Even With High Richness Collection

Finds 94% of the Relevant Documents Despite Review Criteria Changes Our client, a global corporat... >>

Media Corporation Negotiates Discovery Stipulation to Use Continuous Active Learning

Catalyst Helps Client Negotiate a Discovery Stipulation to Use Insight Predict The case against our... >>

Digital Entertainment Company Uses Continuous Active Learning for Privilege Review in Government Investigation

Insight Predict Reduces Review and Rescues Privileged Documents In a highly sensitive government ... >>

Japanese Multinational Involved in International Patent Dispute Cuts Review Costs by Over 85%

Our client was a multinational Japanese company facing a large document production in an internation... >>

Regulatory Agency Involved in Overbilling Suit Uses CAL to Meet Discovery Deadlines

Facing Tight Deadline in SEC Probe, Company Reduces Review by 75% When the regulatory agency sued... >>

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Patent Infringement Case Uses Continuous Active Learning to Cut Review by 70%

Even After Manually Reviewing Half the Collection, TAR Produced Substantial Savings “It’s never t... >>

Major Bank Slashes Review Costs with Innovative E-Discovery Technology

Catalyst’s Insight Predict Cuts Production Review Costs by 94% A large banking institution embroi... >>

Catalyst Helps Multinational Medical Device Company Resolve Anti-Corruption Investigations in Asia and Europe

User-Controlled Platform Allows Global Company to Streamline, Standardize and Manage Anti-Corrupti... >>

Medical Device Company’s Legal Team Uses TAR to Find Hot Docs for Deposition

How Insight Predict Succeeded Where Keywords Failed Common belief is that technology-assisted rev... >>

Global Corporation Involved in Shareholder Class Action Expedites Multi-Language Review

How Insight Predict’s Unique Capabilities Cut Review by Two Thirds In a major shareholder class a... >>

Using Insight Predict to Find Relevant Documents Without SME Training

A Big Four accounting firm with offices in Tokyo asked Catalyst to demonstrate the effectiveness o... >>

Major Food & Beverage Manufacturer Achieves High-Efficiency Review

TAR Continuous Active Learning Outperforms TAR 1.0 and Alternative Search and Review Methods A le... >>

Global Energy Company Cuts Review Time by 60%

How Insight Predict Accelerated Case Strategy for a Shareholder Lawsuit In an internal investigat... >>

Global Tech Giant Cuts Outside Counsel Costs by 80%

How does one of the world’s largest litigants efficiently manage discovery across 125 active paten... >>


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