Catalyst Managed Review Saves Technology Company $350,000 in Price Fixing Investigation

Optimized Review Significantly Reduces Need for Outside Counsel to Conduct Quality Control Our cl... >>

Global Corporation Efficiently Manages Tens of Thousands of Technical Documents Across More Than 70 Patent Cases

Most companies spend significant time and budget “reinventing the wheel” in repetitive litigation... >>

High-Efficiency Review Enables Client to Meet Short Deadlines; Significantly Reduces Costs

Catalyst Managed Review + TAR 2.0 Finds 94% of the Relevant Documents   Our client, a global cor... >>

Predict Proves Effective Even With High Richness Collection

Finds 94% of the Relevant Documents Despite Review Criteria Changes Our client, a global corporat... >>

Media Corporation Negotiates Discovery Stipulation to Use Continuous Active Learning

Catalyst Helps Client Negotiate a Discovery Stipulation to Use Insight Predict The case against our... >>

Digital Entertainment Company Uses Continuous Active Learning for Privilege Review in Government Investigation

Insight Predict Reduces Review and Rescues Privileged Documents In a highly sensitive government ... >>

Japanese Multinational Involved in International Patent Dispute Cuts Review Costs by Over 85%

Our client was a multinational Japanese company facing a large document production in an internation... >>

Regulatory Agency Involved in Overbilling Suit Uses CAL to Meet Discovery Deadlines

Facing Tight Deadline in SEC Probe, Company Reduces Review by 75% When the regulatory agency sued... >>

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Patent Infringement Case Uses Continuous Active Learning to Cut Review by 70%

Even After Manually Reviewing Half the Collection, TAR Produced Substantial Savings “It’s never t... >>

Major Bank Slashes Review Costs with Innovative E-Discovery Technology

Catalyst’s Insight Predict Cuts Production Review Costs by 94% A large banking institution embroi... >>

Catalyst Helps Multinational Medical Device Company Resolve Anti-Corruption Investigations in Asia and Europe

User-Controlled Platform Allows Global Company to Streamline, Standardize and Manage Anti-Corrupti... >>

Medical Device Company’s Legal Team Uses TAR to Find Hot Docs for Deposition

How Insight Predict Succeeded Where Keywords Failed Common belief is that technology-assisted rev... >>

Global Corporation Involved in Shareholder Class Action Expedites Multi-Language Review

How Insight Predict’s Unique Capabilities Cut Review by Two Thirds In a major shareholder class a... >>

Using Insight Predict to Find Relevant Documents Without SME Training

A Big Four accounting firm with offices in Tokyo asked Catalyst to demonstrate the effectiveness o... >>

Major Food & Beverage Manufacturer Achieves High-Efficiency Review

TAR Continuous Active Learning Outperforms TAR 1.0 and Alternative Search and Review Methods A le... >>

Global Energy Company Cuts Review Time by 60%

How Insight Predict Accelerated Case Strategy for a Shareholder Lawsuit In an internal investigat... >>

Global Tech Giant Cuts Outside Counsel Costs by 80%

How does one of the world’s largest litigants efficiently manage discovery across 125 active paten... >>


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OpenText™, The Information Company, is a market leader in Enterprise Information Management software and solutions, enabling Intelligent and Connected Enterprises by managing, leveraging, securing and gaining insight into enterprise information, on-premises or in the cloud. OpenText™ Catalyst designs, hosts and supports the world’s fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. For more than 20 years, global corporations and their counsel have relied on Catalyst to help reduce litigation costs and take control of complex legal matters.

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