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TAR 2.0 Optimized Review Service Based on Insight Predict

To better manage the soaring costs of e-discovery document reviews, many companies are turning to document review vendors or lower-cost regional law firms to handle their litigation, investigation and compliance reviews.

There are two main problems with this approach. Most document review companies are using
the same technology and draw from the same pool of reviewer resources—while still passing 20% of the effort, or more, to higher-cost outside counsel for privilege and quality control (QC) review. Second, there is no incentive for document review vendors or law firms to limit either the number of documents subject to review, or the number reviewers.

Not Catalyst. Our managed review team has one simple goal: Find the best, most relevant documents in the fastest time at the lowest cost possible. We use Insight Predict, our leading technology-assisted review (TAR) engine based on continuous active learning (CAL). TAR based on CAL is known as TAR 2.0 and it finds relevant documents at a lesser cost and with demonstrably higher efficiency and quality than other methods. So, your costs are lower and your results are better.

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