Admissibility of Electronic Evidence

By Paul W. Grimm and Kevin F. Brady

"Objection, foundation.”

To any seasoned tr... >>

Legal Holds: A Primer for Legal Managers

By John Tredennick

A core tenet of our justice system is that opposing parties share po... >>

Legal Teams to Rely Less on IT for eDiscovery and Legal Holds

New research from Aberdeen shows that legal hold and collection technologies help legal teams d... >>

Emerging Content Formats Challenge E-discovery

Judith Lamont

As new types of content materialize from various applications and devices... >>

Managing Litigation: E-Discovery Resources Survey Report

Bloomberg BNA and Catalyst recently polled 130 in-house attorneys to gauge the role that techno... >>

Five Steps to Better Oversight of E-Discovery Spend

Larry Barela

"What gets measured gets managed," the late management consultant Peter Dr... >>

The Role of Litigation Analytics in Your Case

Thomas Gricks III, Bayu Hardi, and Mark Noel

Litigation is about storytelling. The most... >>

How Technology Can Help CYA When the DOJ Comes Knocking

John Tredennick

Few events tingle the spine of a corporate counsel more than a knock on... >>

Companies Are Turning to E-Discovery Technology for Global Compliance Inves…

John Tredennick

As nations intensify their enforcement of anticorruption laws, multinat... >>

Using Multi-Matter Repositories to Improve Litigation Management and Lower …

By Aaron Goldberg, CEO at Content4IT

The old maxim lists life’s certainties as death and taxes. ... >>

In Compliance Investigations, Companies Find That E-discovery Technology De…

John Tredennick

No matter what steps a corporation takes to ensure legal compliance by ... >>

A Qualitative Approach to Winning E-Discovery Business in Japan

Dave Sannar

In Japan, it’s not just business. It’s personal.

Many years ago, a surpris... >>

An Open Look at Keyword Search vs. Predictive Analytics

John Tredennick, Esq.

Can Keyword Search Be As Effective as TAR?

A client recently ask... >>

A Brief History of Technology Assisted Review

By Thomas C. Gricks III, Esq. and Robert Ambrogi

How Did TAR Take Root Among Lawyers So Qu... >>

Why Control Sets are Problematic in E-Discovery

By Dr. Jeremy Pickens

And Why Continuous Active Learning Makes Them Irrelevant

In his bl... >>

Solving the ‘Transparency’ Issue in Technology Assisted Review

By John Tredennick, Esq.

Continuous Active Learning Eliminates Concerns about Disclosure >>

When Machine Intelligence Joins Your Professional Services Team

By Mark Noel

Best practices and potential pitfalls when integrating TAR into your existing p... >>

When Considering TAR, It’s Never Too Late

By Steven M. Amundson and Mark Noel

Even midway through discovery, time and money can be s... >>

Five Reasons the Cloud Beats an Appliance for Big Data E-Discovery

By John Tredennick

Cloud Platforms Better with Big Data 

Big data can mean big headach... >>

Using Continuous Active Learning to Solve the 'Transparency' Issue in Techn…

By John Tredennick

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) Has a Transparency Problem

Notwith... >>

Multi-Matter Discovery Repositories

By John Tredennick and Robert Ambrogi

Rein in Litigation Costs by Eliminating Repetition a... >>

10 Ways to Avoid Ethics Dangers in the Cloud

By Robert Ambrogi

Is Cloud Computing Ethical for Lawyers?

To date, ethics panels in 17... >>

How GCs Are Using Technology to Manage Global Litigation

By John Tredennick

From the Experts

Globalization can be a boon for businesses. For thei... >>

Corporations Turn to Technology to Tackle Legal Challenges of Big Data

By John Tredennick

Businesses are drowning in data. The numbers are staggering. U.S. comp... >>

Continuous Active Learning for Technology Assisted Review

By John Tredennick

How It Works and Why It Matters for E-Discovery Peer-Reviewed Study Comp... >>

NLJ Features Catalyst CEO on Using TAR for Non-English Documents

By John Tredennick

After a Department of Justice memorandum questioned the effectiveness of ... >>

Controlling E-Discovery with a New Model

By John Tredennick

IN COLORADO, as across the nation, litigation costs are devouring ever... >>

5 Myths About Technology Assisted Review

By John Tredennick

The world isn’t flat and we’ve stepped on the moon, so it’s not impo... >>

Predictive Ranking: TAR Designed for the Real World

By Jeremy Pickens

Why Predictive Ranking?

Most articles about technology assisted revi... >>


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