Smart People Series

TAR for Smart People

Expanded and Updated Seconded Edition How Technology Assisted Review Works & Why it Matters ... >>

Ask Catalyst: A User's Guide to TAR (for Smart People)

Your Questions Answered About Technology Assisted Review By John Tredennick, Jeremy Pickens, Robe... >>

Legal Hold Handbook

Improve Your Legal Hold Process By John Tredennick Our judicial system is firmly rooted on the b... >>

Featured Articles

Emerging Content Formats Challenge E-discovery

Judith Lamont

As new types of content materialize from various applications and devices... >>

Managing Litigation: E-Discovery Resources Survey Report

Bloomberg BNA and Catalyst recently polled 130 in-house attorneys to gauge the role that techno... >>

Performance Analytics: How They Work in Theory and Practice

Rhys Dipshan

As part of a broader corporate team, legal departments have to report to C... >>

Five Steps to Better Oversight of E-Discovery Spend

Larry Barela

"What gets measured gets managed," the late management consultant Peter Dr... >>

The Role of Litigation Analytics in Your Case

Thomas Gricks III, Bayu Hardi, and Mark Noel

Litigation is about storytelling. The most... >>

Using E-Discovery Technology to Mitigate FCPA Exposure

John Tredennick

On April 5, the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice ann... >>

How Technology Can Help CYA When the DOJ Comes Knocking

John Tredennick

Few events tingle the spine of a corporate counsel more than a knock on... >>

Companies Are Turning to E-Discovery Technology for Global Compliance Inves…

John Tredennick

As nations intensify their enforcement of anticorruption laws, multinat... >>

Using Multi-Matter Repositories to Improve Litigation Management and Lower …

By Aaron Goldberg, CEO at Content4IT

The old maxim lists life’s certainties as death and taxes. ... >>

In Compliance Investigations, Companies Find That E-discovery Technology De…

John Tredennick

No matter what steps a corporation takes to ensure legal compliance by ... >>

A Qualitative Approach to Winning E-Discovery Business in Japan

Dave Sannar

In Japan, it’s not just business. It’s personal.

Many years ago, a surpris... >>

An Open Look at Keyword Search vs. Predictive Analytics

John Tredennick, Esq.

Can Keyword Search Be As Effective as TAR?

A client recently ask... >>

Featured Product Videos

Lower Your Total Cost of Review

It seems every e-discovery company these days claims to offer an advanced TAR product. But only Cata... >>

Catalyst Insight Enterprise E-Discovery Platform

Reduce discovery costs and provide predictability through a secure >>

TAR 101 With John Tredennick

An Introduction for Legal Professionals >>

Three Categories of Search in Discovery

Each has Different Measures for Determining Success >>

Contextual Diversity

Continuous Active Exploration of Information >>

Continuous Active Learning

How It Works and Why It Matters to Legal Professionals >>

Create a Timeline of Who Did What When

Insight's Dynamic Timeline Tool Lets You Visualize Critical Dates >>

Go Beyond Keywords with Faceted Search

Insight Instantly Searches Multiple Data Fields and Visualizes the Results ... >>

Featured Case Studies

Using TAR 2.0 to Expedite Multi-Language Review

How Insight Predict’s Unique Capabilities Cut Review by Two Thirds In a major shareholder class a... >>

Regulatory Agency Cuts Review by 60%

Insight Predict Helps a Small Team Meet a Tight Discovery Deadline When the regulatory agency sue... >>

Multinational Medical Products Company Uses Catalyst Insight to Speed Compl…

User-Controlled Platform Allows Global Company to Streamline, Standardize and Manage Anti-Corruption... >>

Client Cuts Review Time in Half Using TAR 2.0

Catalyst helps client negotiate a discovery stipulation to use Insight Predict The case against o... >>

Predict Proves Effective for Small Collection

Facing Tight Deadline in SEC Probe, Company Reduces Review by 75% The question has persisted sinc... >>

Patent Case Proves It’s Never Too Late to Use TAR

Even After Manually Reviewing Half the Collection, TAR Produced Substantial Savings “It’s never t... >>

Major Bank Slashes Review Costs with Innovative E-Discovery Technology

Catalyst’s Insight Predict Cuts Production Review Costs by 94% Our client was a large banking ins... >>

Using TAR 2.0 to Streamline Document Review for Japanese Patent Litigation

Continuous Active Review Cuts Cost by Over 85% Our client was a multinational Japanese company fa... >>


How Does 1 Reviewer Do the Work of 48

View Infographic PDF ... >>

Multi-Matter Repository

View Infographic PDF ... >>

How Many Docs in a Gigabyte?

View Infographic PDF ... >>


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