The goal in any e-discovery project is to obtain the most efficient review at the lowest possible cost: That is, to minimize the number of documents that need to be reviewed to achieve recall objectives for the target criteria.

But how do you define an efficient review and, importantly, how do you know if (and when) you have achieved your objectives? The need for reliable benchmarks becomes even more critical as corporate legal departments and their outside counsel integrate human review with machine learning (aka technology-assisted review).

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Join experts in managed review and machine learning to learn practical strategies to drive efficiency. Our speakers will share recent case scenarios that have aligned law firms with their clients, improving results and reducing costs throughout the review process so that they can focus on assessing the merits of the case.

You will learn:

  • How to define an efficient review
  • Ways to minimize QC review while ensuring high review quality
  • Metrics that tell you if you met your review objectives (and when you can stop a review)
  • How to quantify your efficiency rate and costs compared to alternative approaches

Attendees will come away with proven benchmarks to use on their next e-discovery review. All those registered will receive links to the recording, slides and related material.


Andrew Bye
Andrew Bye | Director, Machine Learning & Analytics | Catalyst

Andrew is the director of machine learning and analytics at Catalyst and a search and information retrieval expert. Throughout his career, Andrew has developed search practices for e-discovery and has worked closely with clients to implement effective workflows from data delivery through statistical validation. Before joining Catalyst, Andrew was a data scientist at Recommind. He has also worked as an independent data consultant, advising legal professionals on workflow and search needs. Andrew has a bachelor’s degree in linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley and a master’s in linguistics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Adam Tondryk
Adam Tondryk | Managing Director, Managed Review | Catalyst

A former litigation attorney, Adam is an expert at helping review teams use Catalyst’s advanced technology to achieve greater efficiency and savings. He has 10 years’ experience managing a large variety of document reviews (including overseas) and developing best practices for quality assurance and review project management protocols. He regularly assists clients with designing document review workflows and is adept at forming rapid-response teams to staff any size and type of review.




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