Too many legal professionals approach litigation and compliance investigations the same way, using the same technology, approach and people. But your approach to reviewing electronic information in internal and regulatory compliance investigations should differ significantly from the one you use for litigation.

Join us for an educational webinar with two experts in investigations strategy and e-discovery search techniques: Tom Gricks from Catalyst and Tracy Drynan from Drinker Biddle and Reath.

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Our speakers discuss best practices for the document review part of the investigation to uncover the comprehensive set of facts that are either not known or well developed—swiftly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Key topics include how to:

  • Leverage the knowledge of known custodians to quickly expand the scope of the investigation, while you continue to collect and explore in real-time;
  • Use communication analytics to locate additional witnesses;
  • Apply effective workflows that avoid random search expeditions, track what you’ve uncovered and minimize the number of documents you need to set eyes on;
  • Use technology-assisted review (TAR) to start the review immediately, accommodate rolling custodian collections on-the-fly, and accommodate simultaneous, independent review streams; and,
  • Effectively explore the “unknown” using established tools such as contextual diversity, to ensure a comprehensive exploration of the document collection.


Tom Gricks
Mary Mack | Executive Director | ACEDS

Mary Mack is a long-time industry expert with over 25 years of experience and leadership to her credit. Under her leadership, ACEDS furthers its commitment of building an international community of e-discovery practitioners for the exchange of training, certification, professional development and networking. Mack is known for her strength in relationship and community building, as well as for the depth of her e-discovery knowledge. Before joining ACEDS, Mary was the Enterprise Technology Counsel for ZyLAB, a global eDiscovery and Intelligent Information Governance software company focused on helping organizations insource eDiscovery to reduce legal spend and prevent privacy breaches and IP leakage. Prior to eDiscovery, Mary designed, coded, tested and maintained mission critical enterprise systems for banks, health insurers and pharmaceutical companies. Certified in eDiscovery, security, access and identity management, forensics and computer telephony, Mary is admitted to the Illinois bar and a graduate of Northwestern University School of Law. Mary is the author of A Process of Illumination: The Practical Guide to Electronic Discovery and the co-editor of Thomson Reuters West’s eDiscovery for Corporate Counsel.


Tom Gricks
Thomas C. Gricks III | Managing Director,Professional Services | Catalyst

A prominent e-discovery lawyer and a leading authority on the use of technology assisted review, Tom is managing director, professional services, at Catalyst. He advises corporations and law firms on best practices for applying technology to reduce the time and cost of discovery and investigations. Tom has more than 25 years’ experience as a trial lawyer and in-house counsel, most recently with the law firm Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis, where he was a partner and chair of the E-Discovery Practice Group. He was lead e-discovery counsel in Global Aerospace v. Landow Aviation, the first case in the country to authorize the use of TAR over the objection of opposing counsel.

Tracy Drynan
Tracy Drynan | Senior Attorney | Drinker Biddle and Reath LLP

Tracy has extensive experience across the e-discovery lifecycle including, interpreting Requests for Information and Complaints to identify sources of relevant information, developing strategies for targeting and gathering data, performing custodial interviews, and managing the collection of information. Tracy’s experience also includes developing strategies for analyzing relevant data, conducting in-depth investigations into the data prior to production, and producing data after vetting and processing the data for protected privilege and PII. Additionally, she has developed tools that were critical to and used throughout the matter lifecycle.




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