Getting Started with Insight Legal Hold & Collect

Legal holds can be painful, error prone and costly—especially if you’re relying on manual methods or disparate systems.

Catalyst has a much more efficient and defensible way of doing this. Insight Legal Hold & Collect is a fully defensible, cloud-based platform that enables you to perform all your legal hold and collection tasks—literally with the press of a button.

View this recorded demo to see how easy it is to get up and running with this fully automated platform.

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You’ll see:

  • How to easily get started.
  • A tool that is easy to use—clear, defensible workflow.
  • Intuitive UI and a good, clean layout.
  • Communication through integration.
  • Collaboration through rule-based user permissions.
  • Reports that give you what you need when you need it.

Senior engineers from Catalyst and TotalDiscovery, a Catalyst company, will show you what’s involved and how to bridge the gap between IT and legal. They’ll also answer any questions that you might have via web chat.


R. Scott Nichols | SVP, Sales Engineering | TotalDiscovery, a Catalyst Company

Scott is an authority on the use of technology and legally defensible software to bridge legal and IT processes. He leads the integration of TotalDiscovery with Catalyst Insight Discovery and other e-discovery platforms. Before joining TotalDiscovery in 2016, Scott was president of Legal Data Strategies, a consulting firm that specializes in helping law firms and corporations manage workflows, policies, and procedures surrounding their e-discovery and data management practice. He has 20+ years’ experience as a consultant to both law firms and corporations in the legal technology space.

Larry Barela | VP, Sales Engineering | Catalyst

Larry leads the sales engineering team at Catalyst, and is responsible for collaborating closely with clients to assess their technology needs and translate them into tailored solutions. In this capacity, Larry plays a critical role in overseeing research and development, and works closely with our development team to design and build technology products. He was instrumental in Catalyst’s recent acquisition of TotalDiscovery. He has 20+ years’ experience developing e-discovery technology.


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