Fifteen years ago, Judge Scheindlin announced in Zubulake v. UBS Warburg that whenever an organization anticipates litigation, it has a duty to undertake reasonable and good faith actions to preserve potentially discoverable information.

At first, many legal departments responded by issuing “legal holds” via email and tracked them using spreadsheets. As the number and complexity of holds increased, most quickly realized that relying on email and memory was dangerous, particularly when those managing the legal holds moved on to other jobs or left the company. Sanctions for failure to properly preserve evidence have increased in severity and number over the intervening years.

Today, smart legal professionals are adopting automated legal hold to manage their cases, communicate with custodians and cut e-discovery bills through an integrated collection and processing platform.

Join us for a practical look at issuing and managing legal holds and collections. Our panelists have years of experience with the legal, technical and practical aspects of the process and will help you better understand:

  • What are your legal hold and preservation obligations?
  • Developing an effective workflow for a successful hold and preservation.
  • Dangers in allowing individual custodians to manage collections or hold in place.
  • Best practices for coordinating holds with your HR department to cover departed or departing employees.
  • Tips on working with your IT team to implement holds and defensible preservation.

All registrants will receive a link to the recording and slides, and Catalyst’s new Legal Hold Handbook for Smart People.


Tracyann Eggen
TracyAnn Eggen | E-Discovery Specialist | Dignity Health

TracyAnn Eggen has more than 20 years of legal experience, principally in intellectual property litigation. She leads Dignity Health's Enterprise Defensible Information Governance Team and Center of Excellence for Legal Discovery and Investigations. A technically savvy leader with a data-driven approach, she has championed the management of day-to-day operations at Dignity Health. Her role spans the entire EDRM from legal holds, preservation, collections, data and linguistic analytics, investigations and e-discovery solutions enterprise-wide. She also serves as the liaison with in-house and outside counsel, review workflows, e-discovery vendor management and training on e-discovery tools. TracyAnn recently led the implementation of legal hold and collection software for Dignity Health.

Rachelle Rennagel
Alon Israely | Co-Founder | Total Discovery

A lawyer and data collection and preservation expert, Alon is a co-founder of Seattle based TotalDiscovery. TotalDiscovery provides a legal compliance platform to corporations, governments and law firms. Alon also works with corporations and government entities as an expert witness and consultant on legal compliance, e-discovery and information security and privacy-related issues.

John Tredennick
John Tredennick | Founder & Chairman | Catalyst

John is the founder of Catalyst Repository Systems, which designs, builds and runs the world's fastest and most powerful software platform for complex e-discovery, regulatory investigations and compliance. A former trial lawyer and litigation partner with a large national law firm (20+ years), John has written and edited numerous books and articles on litigation and technology issues, and has spoken before legal-technology audiences in five continents. Recently, The American Lawyer named him one of the top six e-discovery trail blazers in its issue on the “Top 50 Big Law Innovators of the Last 50 Years.” He also served as chair of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section and was editor-in-chief of its flagship magazine Law Practice and the founder and editor of its webzine Law Practice Today.


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