As more businesses go global, so do their legal matters. Emails and documents under scrutiny in a review or investigation could be in many different languages —even within a single document.

A multi-language review differs significantly from an English-only process. It requires different tools, different workflows and a multicultural approach. You need multilingual project managers who are adept in technology and able to control quality and guide review teams in their languages quickly, efficiently and accurately.

This free webinar is an update of one of our most popular educational programs, which covered multi-language discovery in litigation, with updated research and an added focus on investigations. We regularly support clients facing FCPA investigations and second requests from the FTC and DOJ’s Antitrust Division, and will discuss common pitfalls to avoid.

  1. Collections—Obtain guidance on how to collect, who should do it and where to host what you collect.
  2. Processing—Learn about language identification, tokenization and machine translations.
  3. ECA and Search—Get tips on how to efficiently search and evaluate multi-language collections.
  4. Review Workflows—See how to structure geographically dispersed teams to achieve maximum efficiency and quality.
  5. Technology—Find out how to make the best use of technology assisted review and analytics with multi-language documents.


David Sannar
David Sannar | Vice President of International Development | Catalyst

A veteran e-discovery executive with extensive experience in Asia and the Pacific, Dave Sannar is responsible for all Catalyst operations and business growth throughout Japan and Asia, including our operations and data center in Tokyo. Dave has been immersed in the e-discovery industry since 2004, when he became president and COO of AccessData Corp., the second-largest computer forensics software company in the world. 

Jonathan Hiroshi Rossi
Jonathan Hiroshi Rossi | Founder and CEO | The CJK Group

Jonathan founded The CJK Group as an Asian-language resource for law firms and corporate legal departments handling Asian-language discovery. He’s experienced in a variety of large-scale matters, and brings special insight into how to best manage a multi-language review team. Jonathan attended UC Berkeley, UC Hastings School of Law, Temple University Law School (Japan campus) and Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo/Yokohama. The CJK Group is a Catalyst Alliance Partner.

Thomas Gricks 150
Thomas C. Gricks III | Managing Director, Professional Services | Catalyst

A prominent e-discovery lawyer and one of the nation's leading authorities on the use of TAR in litigation, Tom joined Catalyst in June. He advises corporations and law firms on best practices for applying Catalyst's TAR technology, Insight Predict, to reduce the time and cost of discovery. He has more than 25 years’ experience as a trial lawyer and in-house counsel, most recently with the law firm Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis, where he was a partner and chair of the e-Discovery Practice Group.

Chihiro Suzuki
Chihiro Suzuki | Asia Project Consultant | Catalyst

Since joining Catalyst Japan as a project consultant in May 2012, Chihiro has become an invaluable bridge between our clients in Asia, their U.S. counsel, and internal teams in Japan and the United States. Chihiro is bilingual in Japanese and English, and has a gift for breaking down language and cultural barriers. She is based in Pennsylvania and focuses on setting up workflow models that perform better for our clients in Asia who deal with multiple languages in their legal matters.



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