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How to Avoid a Sweeping Regulatory Investigation

A regulatory investigation is nothing any company wants. Whether triggered by a whistleblower’s tip... >>

How to Keep Your Review from Going Off the Rails

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—and in the fast-paced world of e-discovery, implemen... >>

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Preserving Ephemeral Evidence in E-Discovery

What do Google’s Gmail Confidential Mode, Snapchat, Confide, Wickr and Telegram have in common? They... >>

New Guidance on Legal Holds + Demo of Catalyst Insight Hold & Collect

The Sedona Conference recently released the Second Edition of its Guidelines for Legal Holds for pub... >>

When a Crisis Hits: How to Gain Control of the Data, the Facts and Your Mes…

In an internal investigation, allegations of potential employee misconduct or company wrongdoing can... >>

Practical Guidance on Managing Legal Holds

Fourteen years ago, Judge Shira Scheindlin announced in Zubulake v. UBS Warburg that companies have ... >>

Benchmarks to Increase Review Efficiency

The goal in any e-discovery project is to obtain the most efficient review at the lowest possible co... >>

New Guidelines for Managing Legal Holds

A Primer on the Law, New Guidelines and Best Practices Fourteen years ago, Judge Shira Scheindlin a... >>

Just Say No to Family Batching in Technology-Assisted Review

Hosted by ACEDS It is time to put an end to family batching, one of the most widespread document re... >>

New Methods to Optimize Review in Compliance Investigations

 Too many legal professionals approach litigation and compliance investigations the same way, using ... >>

How Not to Mess up a Litigation Hold

Things can get tricky when it comes to effectively overseeing the legal hold process. There are many... >>

30 Minutes to Smarter Legal Holds

Getting Started with Insight Legal Hold & Collect Legal holds can be painful, error prone and... >>


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