Prioritize Documents and Reduce Review Costs

Review costs make up the greatest part of the discovery spend. Included with Insight Enterprise is Predict, Catalyst’s unique machine-learning algorithm for technology assisted review (TAR). Predict will make your team more effective, reducing both review costs and time.

Rank Documents Continuously

Predict uses an advanced TAR protocol called continuous active learning (CAL). With CAL, the system continuously updates its document rankings to take advantage of additional judgments by the reviewers. As training continues, rankings improve, so the review team finds relevant documents faster.

Predict ss
Predict Dashboard

Speed-Up Review

With a prioritized review, the team proceeds more quickly because the documents have similar content. Once most relevant documents are found, the team can move faster through the remaining documents because there is less fear of missing something important.

Work with CJK and Other Complex Languages

Review of Chinese, Japanese and Korean documents typically requires translation or high-cost, multilingual reviewers. Using Predict to prioritize CJK documents for review can result in substantial savings because you have fewer documents for your multi-language team to review.

Use Predict Across Your Enterprise Platform

Predict is versatile. Use it in Insight Core for investigations, early case assessment and for promoting documents to individual cases. Use it in an Insight matter for productions, witness and issue preparation or privilege QC. Either way, you benefit from lower review costs, shorter review times and the ability to find relevant documents faster and more efficiently than with traditional methods.

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