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Say goodbye to tracking the status and progress of your legal matters using email and spreadsheets. Insight Enterprise includes a central data warehouse and the business intelligence tools needed for effective cross-matter reporting.

  • Progress reports show daily and monthly status for active matters, including document counts, review costs, uploads, activations and user activity.
  • Data reports show what is in the core repository and in individual cases, along with details for collections, date ranges, review status, activity and more.
  • Case reports focus on matter history, active counsel, review activity, ingestion, custodians and cost breakdowns.
  • Cost reports show historical and current billing for one or all matters including hosting, professional services and legal fees if desired.
  • User summaries track logins, hours and activity.

We can build custom reports to show metrics, key performance indicators and other business intelligence data that can be delivered automatically in a variety of formats.

Business Intelligence and Reporting
Enterprise Reporting Dashboard

Use Visual Dashboards for Real-Time Reporting

View data from all your matters in a single, visual dashboard. Drill down into specific sections or filter the dashboard to focus on selected metrics for quick comparisons.

Monitor Performance with Individual Case Reports

Create and receive daily or weekly case reports for each matter or create case dashboards with the information you need to stay on top of your cases.

Integrate with Other Corporate Data

Integrate corporate as well as discovery data into your dashboard and reports. Link electronic billing information, for example, to individual cases and users for cost analysis.

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