Looking for a Better Way to Reduce Litigation Costs?

You’ve been at this for a while. Like other inside counsel, you find yourself under increasing pressure to do more with less. The number of cases and regulatory requests is on the rise. The cost to manage discovery keeps increasing. Using multiple vendors for your matters adds complexity, compounds risk and maximizes your costs.

Catalyst’s secure, multi-matter corporate e-discovery platform—Insight Enterprise—is designed to help corporations and their counsel reduce discovery costs and better manage litigation and regulatory investigations.

We don’t just follow industry standards. We set them.


Put an end to e-discovery silos

Storing data with multiple vendors and law firms is the least efficient way to manage e-discovery. Smart corporate counsel are eliminating silos in favor of a secure, central discovery platform designed to help them reduce costs and better manage their litigation, investigation and compliance matters.

Insight Enterprise centralizes e-discovery management to help corporations reduce the total cost of discovery. One platform covers the heart of the EDRM—from collections and legal holds, through processing, search, analytics, review, production and reporting.

Store documents in a core repository, assign them to matters, save and reuse document tagging and develop standardized, repeatable, discovery practices. That means lower costs, fewer mistakes and greater control.


Reduce costs and mistakes

Simplify e-discovery management through a consistent, streamlined approach. Start by reducing the number of vendors you use to collect, process and hold data. Load data directly into a core repository—particularly “frequent flier” custodians and documents needed for multiple cases. Reuse valuable work product and minimize storage.

Create site templates for different types of matters to make it easy for new cases to get up and running quickly. Develop discovery playbooks of standard practices and procedures for creating budgets, hiring staff, reviewing documents, reporting and productions.

Customized reports track progress across all your matters. Real-time reporting helps you stay on top of cases and ensures that each is on schedule.


Stop reinventing the wheel

Reducing discovery costs means more than just lowering user fees or price per gigabyte. It means treating discovery as a business process, one you can make more efficient through a central repository and standardized practices.

For too long, legal professionals have handled discovery as a one-off process. Insight Enterprise puts an end to inefficient discovery. Our multi-matter platform puts you in control of a secure, central hub to manage millions of documents across multiple matters.

Load and process documents once. Assign them to multiple matters. Synchronize review tags to save on duplicate costs and reduce inconsistent coding. Best of all, a flat-rate, no-surprises license ensures pricing that is predictable, accountable and bankable.

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Legal Hold & Collection
Enterprise Collection and Legal Hold Management
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