Catalyst Legal Hold

Automated Legal Hold, Collection, Processing and Preservation Technology

Companies are required by law to preserve documents and data for litigation and regulatory investigations. Catalyst Legal Hold provides a compelling alternative to email, spreadsheets and sticky notes.

Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency and Protect the Enterprise

Managing legal holds and collections using spreadsheets or standalone systems is cumbersome and inefficient. Insight Legal Hold and Collection is a secure, easy-to-use web application for civil actions, internal investigations and regulatory compliance. Full-featured and based on years of development, it makes holds, collections and preservation effortless, to save time, reduce risk and minimize compliance issues.

Reduce Costs

Low cost, flat-fee license.
Unlimited holds and collections.
No hardware/software to buy and support.

Increase Efficiency

Automate manual tasks.
Create consistent workflow.
Spend less time on hold administration.

Protect the Enterprise

Eliminate costly mistakes.
Full auditing for future defensibility.
Prevent sanctions and unnecessary motion practice.

Manage Compliance and Discovery

Use Catalyst Legal Hold alone or as part of Insight Enterprise to issue holds, collect and search documents, and then move them from hold into our secure, centralized e-discovery management platform for analysis, review and productions. By managing the full EDRM process through an integrated system, you get greater control at a lower overall cost.

  • Hosted Securely in the Cloud. Catalyst Legal Hold is designed for cases of all sizes, from a few custodians to tens of thousands. Hosted securely in the cloud, it can be deployed in minutes, with no software to purchase, no hardware to install and no system to manage.
  • Automate Manual Tasks: Catalyst Legal Hold saves time and money by automating the many interrelated tasks required to perform legal hold notification and management, response tracking, reminders, data profiling and electronic document and preservation.
  • Promote for Review: Catalyst Legal Hold includes full e-discovery processing, culling and promotion as part of its “Full Compliance” license.
  • Use for All Your Matters: Use Catalyst Legal Hold to manage all of your matters, large or small, while reducing costs and protecting your organization from sanctions for lost data

Catalyst Legal Hold connects to many different corporate systems to make issuing and tracking hold notices easier and more reliable. Setup is easy and there are no agents to install or manage. No technical expertise is required to manage the legal hold, preservation and discovery processes.

Catalyst Legal Hold is part of the Insight Enterprise Discovery Platform providing full EDRM coverage—from legal hold and collection, through processing, search, analytics, review, production and trial—backed by Catalyst Professional Services team and a global partner network.

Centralized and Automated Processes Do the Heavy Lifting

Legal Hold Management

Send and track notifications, set automated reminders and meet legal hold requirements consistently.

IT System Integration

Connect with internal email and HR systems to select custodians from different departments or locations.

Employee Questionnaires

Notify and survey key employees to gather important information and identify relevant data sources and documents.

Direct Collection

Collect from custodians located across the globe or directly from enterprise mail, drives or storage networks.

Processing and Search

Search for relevant documents by text and fields after data is automatically processed, loaded and indexed.

Promote or Preserve

Promote relevant documents for review and production or archive them in a low-cost preservation repository until needed.
Manage legal hold, discovery and compliance obligations securely and efficiently, while reducing the potential for mistakes

Defensible Reports and Auditing

Track Progress

Catalyst Legal Hold tracks every step taken from initial notices through closing the legal hold. Monitor responses and reminders using Catalyst Legal Hold’s dashboard, download survey results, collection reports or promotion information.

Historical Archive

Audit trails help ensure defensibility of process and allow you to resurrect hold efforts—years later when memories fade or key employees have departed.

Custom Reports

Catalyst Legal Hold can accommodate specialized and custom reports regarding all aspects of the legal hold, data preservation and discovery process as may be required by your particular enterprise content management strategy.

Centralize Compliance

Catalyst Legal Hold helps you decrease the data held for legal purposes. Preserve only relevant documents and control the outbound flow of sensitive data from the organization.

Delivered by an Experienced Team at Exceptional Prices

Catalyst Legal Hold was developed from technology first created in 2002 by a group of software developers, IT professionals, attorneys and computer forensics experts. In use for over a decade, the software underlying this platform has collected and processed petabytes of data from tens of thousands of custodians dispersed across more than 45 countries, spanning six continents.  Catalyst Legal Hold is integrated into the Insight Discovery Platform, Catalyst’s award-winning platform for e-discovery search, analytics, review and production.

Catalyst offers two annual license options:  1) Legal Hold Only (no collection capabilities) and 2) Full Compliance, which gives access to the platform including collection, processing, search, promotion and a preservation archive.

Legal Hold Only

Our low-cost Legal Hold Only license is based on company size and includes unlimited legal holds, reminders, custom surveys, basic systems integration and data profiles for as many custodians as you like.

Full Compliance

Our volume-based annual license starts at two terabytes and includes a full Legal Hold license plus unlimited data collections, processing, search, culling and promotion for review.

Improve Your Legal Hold Process

Learn about the duties and risks associated with legal holds, and get tips to reduce your risks and costs in this 20-page guide.


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