One Repository, Multiple Parties, Secure Savings

Since the early 2000s, Catalyst has been hosting joint plaintiff and defense groups, allowing them to work in a shared environment, while protecting individual work product and strategy. The parties benefit through reduced processing and hosting costs, paying for one hosting platform rather than several. They can collaborate where interests are aligned. Where interests oppose, they can keep the repository private, with no fear that work product or strategy will be compromised.

Insight was built to operate as a multi-party platform from the ground up. Documents can be shared or kept secured, available only to groups with the proper credentials. Searches, folders, and tagging fields can be kept private, shared with other specific users or made public for all the participants to see. Opposing parties can use Insight as a joint repository, without fear of bumping into each other.

Cost savings are immediate and substantial. We have hosted sites with over 300 parties who share the documents but not their work product or trial plans. We have also hosted joint repositories from many of the largest companies in the world. Although adverse, they see the sense in reducing processing and hosting costs with a secure multi-party document repository.

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Private Document Collections

Documents can be secured by user groups so that only people with rights can see or search. Experts can be given limited access to relevant materials. Attorney-only documents are easily secured from client access.

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Private Folders

Document folders can be designated private, public or shared. This allows teams to create witness and issue folders or set up special reviews without sharing those decisions with others who may be or become adverse.

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Private Searches

Search and search-audit trails can be protected from access by other users. Saved searches can be made private, public or shared among individuals in your security group.

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Private Fields

Fields can be shared or made private for each party. Each team can have its own tagging fields to hold work product without fear that their judgments will be shared with another party.

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Private Productions

Insight is designed to support private productions to opponents or government regulators. Adverse parties can be given secure access to production documents and metadata securely right on the site.

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Secure Auditing

Insight records user actions including searches, views and tags. Audit reports can be secured so that members of one team cannot track the actions of another.

Reduce Costs Through Secure Shared Repositories

Insight is designed to manage multiple matters and parties securely just as if each were in a separate repository. Clients benefit by spreading discovery costs across multiple parties with no loss in security or functionality. Joint defense and plaintiffs groups can work together on shared projects, yet operate securely when the need arises. Opposing parties can cut discovery costs in half.

About Catalyst

Catalyst designs, builds and hosts the world’s fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. We back our technology with a highly skilled Professional Services team and a global partner network to ensure the best e-discovery experience possible.
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