Reduce Redundancy with an Integrated Platform

Fans of the 1970s Firesign Theatre still chuckle at the mention of the “Department of Redundancy Department.” But for corporate counsel struggling to control discovery costs, redundancy is no laughing matter. Too often, redundancy and repetition are routine in the e-discovery review process, unnecessarily raising discovery costs.

Smart litigation managers are cutting hosting and review costs with multi-matter repositories. In a multi-matter environment, you pay once to process, store and review documents, but can reuse them in as many cases as needed. Cutting redundancy not only saves money, it also eliminates mistakes and delays from vendor handoffs, while reducing the chance for inadvertent production of privileged or confidential documents.

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Insight’s multi-matter repository provides greater control over all your legal matters. Store documents once and deploy them as needed across matters. This reduces time, cost and risk, while enhancing oversight and reporting.

Our professional services consultants integrate tightly with your litigation team and in-house legal staff. We help you identify and design the strategies, tools and workflows best suited to your project goals. Our staff includes experts in search, analytics and technology assisted review, and can help you reduce data populations and streamline review.

Reduce Costs at Every Step

For corporations that want to take control of their discovery spending, a multi-matter repository gives them the tools to do it. Avoid redundancy not just in privilege review, but at every step of the discovery process.

  • Process once. Documents are processed and loaded into the central repository just once.
  • Store once. Pay to store just one copy of a document, even if it is used in many cases.
  • Convert once. Conversion of a document to an image for production or redaction needs to occur only once.
  • Reuse redactions. Reuse redactions across cases, saving on review costs and inconsistent productions.

Take Control of Your Cases

Eliminating redundant costs and work is important, but a multi-matter repository also enables you to gain greater control and oversight across all your legal matters.

  • Reduce mistakes. With no vendor hand-offs and standardization across matters, you reduce the possibility of mistakes, delays and inconsistent tagging – the kinds of mistakes that can result in privilege waivers or sanctions.
  • Early case assessment. With key documents already available in your repository, you can gain valuable insights early in the life of a case.

  • Global administration and reporting. Manage and track all your legal matters from a single interface.
  • Global production tracking. Track all instances of when a document was produced across all your cases.
  • Rapid ramp-up. Launch new cases quickly, so review teams start working without delay.

With a multi-matter repository, you call the shots across all your cases. Standardize workflows, data fields and values so that all your cases are in sync.

Department of Redundancy Department

With a multi-matter repository, your company saves by eliminating waste and enhancing efficiency. Your legal department can store documents once and deploy them as needed across multiple legal matters. Your oversight of legal matters is enhanced and tracking and reporting across all your cases is simplified.

For corporate counsel, the most-direct benefit is that a multi-matter repository saves money by eliminating duplicate costs. In addition, a multi-matter repository gives you greater control over and insight into all of your legal matters. Further, a multi-matter repository reduces the possibility of mistakes due to vendor hand-offs and of exposure due to inadvertent disclosures of privileged or confidential information. And when a new case comes along, you get a running start.

Given these benefits, it may be finally time for your company to shut down its Department of Redundancy Department.

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