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When legal compliance is in question, no company can afford to delay or turn a blind eye. Companies should regularly monitor compliance and, when questions arise, respond quickly and thoroughly. Yet compliance often requires assembling and searching large quantities of data. Handling this manually takes time and drives up the cost and the risk of error. Using Insight for investigations provides a powerful set of user-driven technology tools that streamline and expedite internal corporate and government compliance investigations. This helps corporate counsel, compliance officers and government officials to respond to issues more effectively and efficiently.

In Use by Global Corporations and Government Investigators

Insight is currently used for investigations by:

  • An international medical device company to investigate alleged anti-corruption violations in offices throughout Asia, India and Europe.
  • A state law-enforcement agency to investigate and prosecute a systematic scheme of Medicare/Medicaid fraud robbing the state of millions.

The system is automated and intuitive so that clients can control every aspect of the process on their own. Help and training is always available from Catalyst when needed.

Tools Tailored to Internal Investigations

Insight, Catalyst’s powerful document search and review platform, is at the heart of the process. Insight facilitates internal investigations through:

  • Automated case creation, processing and loading, allowing clients to quickly set up new investigation sites as they need them.
  • Powerful and intuitive visual search capabilities to rapidly hone in on key information.
  • Second-generation predictive analytics, enabling investigators to explore and find patterns in data.
  • Integrated redaction tools to simplify government records compliance.
  • Full-featured export and production capabilities to produce the results of your investigation.

Powerful Visual Analytics and Social Networking

Insight has the only fully scalable visual analytics and social networking tools on the market. Regardless of volume of data being reviewed, you can immediately see who is communicating with whom on key topics for your investigation. With a built-in timeline for every view, dynamic charting and email conversation analysis, investigators can get a quick and accurate read of the players at the heart of the inquiry, allowing them to quickly hone in on the specific data in question.

Catalyst Insight Investigate

Technology Assisted Compliance

Insight Predict, Catalyst’s second-generation technology assisted review engine, helps speed investigations by quickly honing in on relevant documents, without the need for expensive review teams. Simply start the process with one or more relevant documents and let Catalyst’s unique continuous active learning process find what you need.

A Leader in Multi-Language Investigations

Wherever in the world your investigation goes, Catalyst can lead the way. Catalyst was one of the first discovery companies to provide true multi-language search and review. Our platform includes sophisticated language identification and tokenization software to ensure that multi-language documents are treated properly. Providing search and review in more than 280 languages, we specialize in the challenging CJK languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean), as well as Russian, Arabic and Hebrew.

About Catalyst

Catalyst designs, builds and hosts the world’s fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. We back our technology with a highly skilled Professional Services team and a global partner network to ensure the best e-discovery experience possible.
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