Insight Features

Make Your Legal Life a Little Easier

Drawing on 15 years of litigation-technology experience, we've packed Insight with the features legal professionals need to more easily manage complex, multi-party, multi-language litigation.

Powerful Search

Lightning-fast, multi-modal search: find what you need in just seconds.

Insight provides the most powerful field and text search in the market. It is lightning fast, even for complex field and text searches against tens or hundreds of millions of documents. (We’ve tested searches involving over a million characters.) But Insight search goes well beyond Boolean constructs.

Use Faceted Search to analyze field values as you drill into your results. Or Tracked Search to analyze key words in anticipation of a Meet and Confer. Or PowerSearch to run a thousand searches with the click of a mouse.

  1. Tracked Search
  2. Power Search
  3. Faceted Search
  4. Screens
  1. Communication Reports
  2. Timeline
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Visual Analytics

Real-time graphs, charts, timelines and social networks let you see your data.

Not only did we improve the standard results page with flexible columns, previews and the ability to stack three fields in a column, but we also provided visual insights into your data.

Change to a chart view against any of your fields or several at the same time. Switch to a timeline view and drill into the dates. Track email communications between one and many or focus on two key witnesses with email and a timeline view.

Review Workflow

Leave folders and spreadsheets behind with our review workflow module.

Organize review teams and carry out review easily and efficiently with Catalyst’s unique review workflow module. Set up review stages to fit your plan, dragging them where you want them. Set up users and workflow rules to determine where the documents go next.

Let the reviewers have at it. They get documents dynamically, as they need them. You follow their progress through the review dashboard or create reports to track progress, productivity and tagging patterns.

  1. Review Module
  2. Screens
  1. Highlights
  2. Screens

Paging and Highlights

Incredibly fast paging, even with tens of thousands of highlights.

For review teams, the key metric is documents per hour. We designed Insight to provide the fastest paging in the industry, even with large text files and thousands of highlights. You click Save & Next, and your next document is instantly before you, no matter how big it is. We’ve used every trick in the programmer’s book to improve productivity.

Unlike most other products, we don’t limit the number of highlights you can show. Insight can display hundreds of thousands of highlights on massive text files in seconds. No more compromising on your review because of product limitations.

Processing and Productions

Load, process, review and produce documents yourself, on your timetable.

Rather than wait for your vendor to act, take control of the process yourself. Insight is automated from processing and loading right on through to production. Do it yourself at any time, nights, weekends or holidays.

Unlike most vendors, we’ve spent years developing a fully automated system. Load data through your custom, secure FTP site and watch as Insight automatically picks up the delivery and processes it according to your specifications. Since 2008, we have run more than 125,000 automated loads and produced hundreds of millions of documents.

User Control

Set up sites, manage users, load data, run analytics and manage reviews.

Although we host Insight securely in our private data centers, you can run it just like a local appliance. Set up a new site based on an existing model, manage users, set up new fields, choose redaction labels, folder structures, search fields, lookups and much more.

Give different rights to different user groups, from outside reviewers, to your internal team and even outside experts. The system supports private fields, folders, and searches so you can use it with joint defense groups or even opposing parties.

Elegant, Intuitive and Stunning

What more can we say?

Superlatives such as elegant, intuitive and stunning are not words you often associate with an e-discovery platform. But we hear them regularly from Insight users. Why don’t you take a look and see for yourself? We can give you a quick demo or provide access to our 23+ million document demo site. Give it a test drive and tell us what you think.


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