Easier, Faster and More Precise Redactions

Automated Redaction is a feature of Catalyst Insight that assists reviewers in removing privileged and confidential information from documents. It enables users to more easily make redactions, quickly make multiple redactions, and better manage redactions after they’re made. By simplifying redactions, this feature helps reduce the overall time and cost of review.

The Problems with Redaction

Redacting documents prior to their production can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Redactions typically require conversion to an image format. Reviewers must then hunt through each file for text to redact and then create black boxes over those portions.

The process is tedious and the potential for missed redactions is high, risking inadvertent exposure of privileged or confidential information.

The Cost of Redaction

Redacting documents is also costly. An average attorney reviewer costs $45 an hour and can review 100 pages an hour. If a reviewer redacts 10,000 pages, that adds up to 100 hours and a cost of $4,500.

A Better Way to Make Redactions

Automated Redaction reduces the need for reviewers to manually scour documents and tediously block-redact individual portions. All the while, reviewers retain full control over the process, so no redaction is made inadvertently.

With Catalyst’s Automated Redaction, no image conversions are required. Reviewers can redact from within the native viewer. Block redactions over images or of full pages are still available, but with more flexibility.

Automated Redaction Computer

The Automated Redaction module provides time-saving tools:

  • Mass redactions. Search for a word or phrase and redact all or selected occurrences within a document.
  • Text-select redaction. Quickly redact any searchable text by selecting it with the cursor.
  • Pattern redactions. Quickly identify and redact social security numbers, phone numbers and any pattern-based phrase within a document.
  • Page-range redactions. Apply full-page redactions to multiple pages with one click.
  • Redaction management. View and manage all redactions from a single window.
  • Redact PDFs. Not only does does the Automated Redaction tool work for native files such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and email files, but it will also redact PDFs.

Redaction does not have to be cumbersome and time consuming. With Insight’s Automated Redaction, even large documents can be redacted quickly, with less effort. Not only does that make the reviewers’ work easier, but it also speeds the overall review. Less review time equals less cost.

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