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Cross-Matter Reporting and Visual Analytics to Help Manage Cases, Counsel and Legal Costs

Catalyst Analytics provides information and intelligence on all your matters—delivered to your desktop, tablet or phone. Easily track the progress of your cases, counsel and even legal bills, with access to key performance indicators in real time.

Cross-Matter Reporting at Your Fingertips

Jet pilots have a heads-up display so they know how their craft is performing at all times. You need the same kind of reporting to effectively manage your cases, counsel and legal costs.

Catalyst Analytics provides information and intelligence on all your matters—delivered to your desktop, tablet or phone. Easily track the progress of your cases, counsel and even legal bills. This dashboard also puts key performance indicators at your fingertips in real time; not weeks or months later, when it’s too late to take corrective action.

  • E-discovery management
  • Cross-matter budgeting
  • Key performance indicators
  • Law firm and vendor billing
  • Top grading and service efficiency
  • Data collection and storage

Take advantage of our standard dashboard or design your own. Our professional services team can customize data, reports and filters to meet your needs. And, with role-level access, team members see only the data they require.

No more juggling spreadsheets, emailing PDFs or waiting weeks to get the right information to determine whether cases are on track and matters are on budget. Catalyst Analytics provides the data you need, when it matters most, in a visual, easy-to-read format.

Catalyst Analytics is part of the Insight Enterprise Discovery Platform providing full EDRM coverage—from legal hold and collection, through processing, search, analytics, review, production and trial—backed by Catalyst Professional Services team and a global partner network.

Your New Dashboard for E-Discovery Management.

Customizable visual analytics and filters let you analyze progress, performance and spend in real time, not when it’s too late to fix the problem.

Matter Reports

Discovery Dashboard

A dashboard provides information about all your active matters. Each chart or graph is interactive, allowing you to drill down for more detail, including an individual, customizable project management report for each matter.

Track Documents

Track documents for all your matters as they are loaded. Charts show which matters are active and specifics for each.

User Reports

User reports provide information on case and review activity. View historical trends, then drill into specifics to determine activity by matter or by specific individuals.

Discovery Metrics

Track critical discovery metrics to better manage cases and spot problems while they can still be addressed.


KPIs show changes from the prior month and can be set to send alerts when they go beyond specified limits. Track review progress or activity by matter or create your own KPIs so you can track the metrics that matter to you.

Financial Reports

Catalyst Analytics can also include information on law firm and vendor performance. Our Professional Services team can work with you to acquire the data and provide custom financial reports.  Data from your law firms and discovery vendors can be exported and loaded into an integrated data warehouse for reporting and reuse.

Track Spend

Track total and monthly billings by country, region, firm or date range. View total billings or drill down to see data from any active matter.

Compare & Contrast

Compare averages and effective rates to help review different firms or even “top grade” to determine who is providing superior service.

Performance Management

Review top timekeepers and compare different firms and matters. Schedule a daily or weekly report so you can review this information as often as you need it.

Firm Performance

Track the performance of individual firms and review firm performance by country, matter or by other criteria you select.

Financial Scorecards

Compare KPIs for different cases to determine relative value, such as how effective review spend is by matter type or by outside counsel or vendor.


Customize graphics to fit your data and provide the metrics you need to better manage department spend.


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