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お客様がどんな難題に直面していても、豊富な経験に基づく効果的なサポートを致します。ケースがス ムーズに運び予算内に収まるように、担当弁護士や企業の担当者と緊密に連絡を取りながら‘信頼の おけるチームの一員’として対応致します。

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We wrote the book on this stuff.

当社は1990年代初頭、まだディスカバリという言葉の前に「E」が付く前に活動を開始しました。十数年 の経験をうまく活用し、複雑な事案を抱える企業や弁護士の皆様をサポートし続けています。

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“I can’t believe how easy this is. A couple of clicks and I’m finding what I need.”

Steven Hartwig, CEO C-TEQ Data Consultants

"Insight's speed and scalability is stunning, and this latest Catalyst offering is built on an XML platform that presents one eye-popping feature after another."

William Hamilton, Partner, Quarles and Brady

The industry has never seen anything like this. Insight and Predict are game changers. Both DSi and our clients, as usual, are blown away by Catalyst’ innovation and delivery on excellence.”

Tom Turner, President & Founding Partner, DSi

Insight continues Catalyst's leadership in multi-language e-discovery, through its support for 280 languages (including Chinese, Japanese and Korean), its multi-language UI and its success with multi-language predictive coding.”

Gartner 2014

“Getting data to a review platform can be a painful and slow process. With Catalyst we post our data directly to our site. This cuts out delays and takes several information security concerns out of the data transfer process.”

Kathy D. Hogy, Vice President of Legal Discovery, First Data Corp.

​Insight​ was stellar. Each and every search, copying to folder, bulk updating, printing and exporting worked flawlessly and quickly... As in most trial preparations, decisions are usually made last minute. Each processing and uploading project was done quickly and the documents were always ready when needed...”

​Senior Paralegal, Minneapolis, MN

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with Insight. It’s fast, powerful and easy to use. The ability to use graphics to track email communications is really impressive.”

Russ Aoki, Partner, Aoki & Sakamoto

“Catalyst has built the most powerful interface we’ve ever seen for searching complex content.”

Miles Kehoe, President, New Idea Engineering.

"Insight worked PERFECTLY.  Documents and coding forms loaded quickly. Searches worked every time.  The foldering structure was logical and easy to access. Tagging documents for depositions and the trial exhibit list was easy.  Everyone was impressed with the database and it made me look good.  Thank you very much."

Senior legal assistant, Minneapolis law firm

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Un-Predictably Great Results

Our secret? Our expert consultants.

プレディクティブ・ランキングはもちろんレビューのコストを削減しますが、アルゴリズムだけでは満足で きる結果を導き出せません。何年もの経験を積んだ検索・分析の専門家がいるからこそ、予想を超え る結果をもたらすのです。

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Waste Not, Want Not

We’ll help you save on discovery.

よく考えてみてください。テクノロジーはディスカバリにかかる費用のほんの一部で、人間が携わる非効 率なプロセスが費用を上昇させているのです。私達は一体型プロセスがどれだけコスト削減できるかを 経験から知っています。当社のシステム及びサービスを利用後、ご自身の選択に間違いはなかったと 実感するはずです。







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