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New Catalyst CR Production Module Fully Automates Document Production

There has been much discussion within the e-discovery industry of late about the Gartner Inc. research report, Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software. Anyone who read the report knows that Gartner placed high value on automation within an e-discovery platform. Gartner said that “as much automation as possible” is the right approach because of its cost-effectiveness for customers and the leveragability it offers vendors. Gartner cited Catalyt’s ever-increasing automation of its platform as a reason for placing it in the “visionaries” quadrant. Continue reading

With FCPA Actions on the Rise, Search Takes Center Stage

Corporate Counsel magazine recently issued a report that should cause multi-national corporations and their counsel to pay attention: Trend Watch: Foreign Bribery Actions Doubled Last Year.

Specifically, the magazine reported that enforcement actions under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) nearly doubled in 2010, rising to 76 (with complaints against 23 companies and 53 individuals). In 2009, the SEC and Justice Department brought 45 actions (against 12 corporations and 33 individuals). That number was a significant jump again from 2008 when the government brought 37 actions against companies and individuals. Continue reading

The Cloud Lets Consumers Concentrate on Service Instead of Servers

Recently, the chief information officer of the United States, Vivek Kundra, published a policy document “intended to accelerate the pace at which the government will realize the value of cloud computing.” Kundra’s Federal Cloud Computing Strategy (PDF) is a ringing endorsement of the cloud, as its opening words indicate:

The Federal Government’s current Information Technology (IT) environment is characterized by low asset utilization, a fragmented demand for resources, duplicative systems, environments which are difficult to manage, and long procurement lead times. These inefficiencies negatively impact the Federal Government’s ability to serve the American public.

Cloud computing has the potential to play a major part in addressing these inefficiencies and improving government service delivery. The cloud computing model can significantly help agencies grappling with the need to provide highly reliable, innovative services quickly despite resource constraints. Continue reading

Review Rates Using Catalyst CR are Triple the Norm, Study Finds

Reviewers using Catalyst CR achieved a document review rate three times the industry standard, an independent statistical-analysis firm found. Reviewers conducting a responsiveness review of electronic documents achieved an average rate of 142 documents per hour using Catalyst CR. The industry norm is generally pegged at between 20 and 50 documents per hour.

The study of review rates was conducted by Gary McClelland, principal of Bolder Stats, an independent statistical consulting and data analysis firm, and a professor of psychology, statistics and data analysis at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

McClelland analyzed data for 51 first-level reviewers who conducted both responsiveness and privilege reviews using Catalyst CR. They were part of a team that had a 90-day deadline to review more than 4 million documents for a U.S. Justice Department second request.

Based on his analysis of the data, McClelland concluded that the average rate of responsiveness review was 142 documents per hour, a rate he described as “dramatically faster” than the industry norm. Some of the reviewers achieved rates as high as 220 documents per hour. Continue reading