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Redactions Done Right: How to Avoid the Manafort Fiasco

The attorneys for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort appear to have made a rather significant mistake in a court filing earlier this week, allowing redacted portions to be revealed by copying and pasting the text to a new document. The filing reveals alleged campaign communications between Manafort and Russian operative in which he shared polling data during the campaignan allegation that Manafort earlier denied to federal investigators.

While an essential component of litigation review, redaction mistakes are easy to make, as it’s cumbersome and time-consuming to go through a document and draw black boxes over individual words and phrases. When redaction missteps occur, it can mean trouble for attorneys and their clients—including running afoul of various applicable rules including the American Bar Association’s rule on confidentiality. Continue reading

Catalyst Insight Review By Brett Burney

Recently, Brett Burney, e-discovery consultant and founder of Burney Consultants, reviewed Catalyst’s Insight Discovery search and review capabilities, which are part of Catalyst’s full EDRM platform comprising of Insight Legal Hold and Collect, Search & Review, Predict and Business Intelligence. We invited Brett to share his insights as a guest author.

Catalyst Insight – Lightning Quick, Responsive Review Platform for Instantly Searching Millions of Digital Files with a Built-In Continuous Active Learning Predictive Analytics Engine

It seems that Catalyst has always been on a mission to push the boundaries of applying advanced text analytics to enormous amounts of electronically stored information for eDiscovery and investigatory purposes… and it’s exciting to watch. Continue reading