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The Rise of Business Intelligence in the Legal Department

I work with large corporate legal departments involved in large-scale and often repetitive litigation and regulatory investigations, and recently found myself wondering, “Why are corporate counsel using analytics with greater ease and confidence for individual litigation reviews, but not to manage e-discovery spend, track and manage data across cases to make more informed decisions, and improve processes and outcomes?”

Beyond using analytics and reporting tools for one-off cases, how many legal teams, including corporate legal operations officers, really track and manage data across all matters in real-time, at the push of a button? Why’s this so important, what’s holding them back, and how are forward-thinking legal departments addressing these challenges? Continue reading

The Wrap-Up to Our Series of Posts on Simplifying and Saving in Corporate Discovery

Catalyst_Insight_Enterprise_Series_Wrap_UpWe hear regularly from our corporate clients of their desire to get a better handle on e-discovery costs. In January, when we launched Insight Enterprise, we truly believed we had developed the product to help them do that, and we wanted to help our clients and potential clients better understand how it did that.

So, to that end, we kicked off a 12-week series of posts here intended to provide a deeper understanding of Insight Enterprise’s features and of their benefits to corporate legal departments. Our plan was to focus in each week on a particular aspect of Insight Enterprise and explore it in more depth. Continue reading

Tackling the Tower of Babel of Multi-Language Corporate Discovery

Do you know where in the world your company’s next legal matter will arise?


The possibilities are more far-reaching and less predictable than ever before, as businesses expand their operations and markets throughout the globe. Amid a complex international legal and regulatory environment,  businesses can face lawsuits in any number of forums and are subject to investigations by any number of government entities. Whether involving trade regulation, anti-corruption laws or licensing deals, that next legal matter could come from anywhere. Continue reading

How to Better and Safely Integrate Legal Holds, Collection and Review in E-Discovery

Catalyst_Safely_Integrate_Legal_HoldsDid you know that messing up a litigation hold can get you criminally indicted?

It happened to Volkswagen AG. Its mishandling of a legal hold resulted in the federal indictment of six current and former employees on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. And to add insult to injury, an in-house lawyer was named an unindicted co-conspirator. On Jan. 11, 2017, VW agreed to plead guilty to the charges and to pay a $2.8 billion penalty. Continue reading

Robots Taking Our Jobs? In E-Discovery, AI Doesn’t Replace Lawyers’ Work, It Enhances It

Catalyst_Robots_Taking_Our_JobsWe’ve all heard the threat: Robots powered by artificial intelligence soon will replace attorneys in e-discovery. That was even the suggestion of the 2011 headline in The New York Times, Armies of Expensive Lawyers, Replaced by Cheaper Software.

Not surprisingly, the actual Times article was less alarmist than the headline, making the point that AI and machine-learning tools can be used to lighten the load on lawyers, but not to take it away altogether. Continue reading

The Insight Enterprise Platform: What We Mean By ‘Purpose-Built’ for Corporate Discovery

Catalyst_Insight_Enterprise_BlogEver since the Jan. 10 launch of Insight Enterprise, Catalyst’s secure, central platform for corporate e-discovery, we’ve been publishing a series of posts here intended to give you a closer look at its features and functionality. But if you want to cut to the chase, then the key to what makes Insight Enterprise unique is the platform.

We like to say the Insight Enterprise platform was “purpose-built” for corporate e-discovery. Continue reading

A Key Ingredient of Enterprise E-Discovery: Support from Experienced Pros

Catalyst_Key_Ingredient_Enterprise_DiscoveryMany corporate legal departments are seeking to better leverage technology to reduce e-discovery costs, control outside counsel fees, reduce risk and get useful reporting on discovery metrics and case progress. Achieving that requires both the right technology and the right expertise.

Insight Enterprise provides the technology. In a series of blog posts here, we’ve been telling you about this new corporate discovery platform from Catalyst. It offers a secure, multi-matter platform to manage discovery for litigation, investigations and compliance. It covers the heart of the EDRM—from automated collection and legal hold, through processing, search, analytics, review, production and reporting. Continue reading

Using Data Reporting and Business Intelligence To Drive Efficiency in Legal Departments

Catalyst_Using_Data_ReportingA recent survey of chief legal officers suggests that there is a wide gap between the reporting they need in order to more efficiently manage their litigation costs and the reporting they actually get.

In the 2016 Chief Legal Officer Survey recently published by the management consulting firm Altman Weil, CLOs say that the number one tactic they can use to control costs is improving efficiency, and that one of the top ways they can improve efficiency is by leveraging technology tools to better collect and analyze management metrics. Continue reading

How Insight Enterprise Cuts Corporate Discovery Costs. Really.

Catalyst_Insight_Enterprise_Cut_CostsI am almost reluctant to tell you that Catalyst’s new e-discovery platform for corporations, Insight Enterprise, will cut your discovery costs. After all, doesn’t every e-discovery company say that? Having just returned from Legaltech in New York, I can tell you that companies so frequently claim to cut costs that the promise begins to ring hollow. So, when Catalyst says it, why should you believe any different?

The answer, in part, is that Insight Enterprise Continue reading

Attending Legaltech? Here’s Your Guide to Seeing Insight Enterprise in Action

Catalyst_Insight_Enterprise_LogoEarlier this month, Catalyst launched a new product designed exclusively for corporate e-discovery, Insight Enterprise. We’ve been telling you about its features in a series of blog posts. Now is your chance to see it first hand, if you will be attending Legaltech in New York next week.

Throughout the conference, Catalyst staff will be on site in the exhibit hall, demonstrating Insight Enterprise and other Continue reading