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Forbes Interviews Catalyst’s John Tredennick and Mark Noel on Technology Assisted Review


What is the impact of data and technology on the modern law firm and lawyer? This was the question Forbes contributor David J. Parnell set out to answer when he recently interviewed John Tredennick, Catalyst’s founder and CEO, and Mark Noel, Catalyst’s managing director of professional services.

At one point in the wide-ranging interview — which was published on Forbes last week — Parnell asks Tredennick about some of the major changes in legal technology he has witnessed over the years. In response, Tredennick says that the legal industry is currently in the midst of a major transition with respect to technology assisted review.

Suddenly technology has come where you take a million documents in review—and for any big firm lawyer that’s a big smile on their face because with junior associates reviewing at 500 docs a day, you’ve got your year made—and somebody comes along and says, “You know, with a wave of a wand and a couple training docs, we’re going to cut that million documents down to about 50,000 docs that are probably important.” Maybe 95% of those billable hours go away. That does not make the lawyers smile. That does not make you smile.

But I’ve seen this for 30 years. The innovation comes out; the billable hour suffers; but you always have a few law firms that are not at the top, and then they say, “We don’t have 50,000 associates. Let’s go outsmart them. We’ll lead the way.” And they start taking business away from the big guys. And the corporate entities listen and change happens.

Elsewhere in the interview, Noel tells Parnell that technologies such as TAR are helping to ease the work of lawyers, but will never replace them.

Many people are realizing that they have to change the way they work. And tools like technology assisted review are changing the way attorneys work. But it’s not going to replace them. TAR tools can quickly analyze millions of documents for subtle patterns, but only humans can decide what’s important to the case, or what stories the documents can tell. So these systems are hybrids: The machines do what they do best, and the humans do what they do best. There will be plenty of work to go around for skilled practitioners who know the tools and have the right skillsets.

Read the full interview at Forbes.

How Corporate Counsel are Integrating E-Discovery Technologies to Help Manage Litigation Costs

The newsletter Digital Discovery & e-Evidence just published an article by Catalyst founder and CEO John Tredennick, “Taking Control: How Corporate Counsel are Integrating eDiscovery Technologies to Help Manage Litigation Costs.” In the article, John explains why savvy corporate counsel are using the multi-matter repository and technology assisted review to manage cases and control costs. Continue reading

New Training Blog Provides Tips and Tricks for Catalyst Products

Patty Daly

Did you know that Catalyst Insight includes a variety of “hotkey” shortcuts that can help save costly reviewer time? Would you know how to conduct a search for initials in Insight without also bringing up every word in which those letters appear together?

You can learn tips and tricks such as these by following the newly launched training blog from Catalyst’s training department. The blog is intended to help users get the most out of Catalyst’s products such as Insight and Insight Predict. The blog will also provide announcements of new and updated training materials and of updates to products and features. Continue reading

Head of Catalyst’s Korea Office Publishes Book on E-Discovery for Businesses

l9788994567266The head of Catalyst’s South Korea office, Youngsoo Park, is the coauthor with Jeongho Yoo of a just-published Korean-language book about e-discovery for business leaders. The book, What Every Business Person Should Know about eDiscovery, provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of e-discovery.

The book is only the second ever about e-discovery published in Korea and the first in which hands-on professionals explore the topic in depth. The book covers the history and basics of e-discovery and then examines key topics and legal issues in e-discovery practice, both in the United States and Korea. It also explains several of the leading technology platforms for e-discovery, including Catalyst Insight. The book was published earlier this month in Seoul by

Park, who is considered one of the leading e-discovery experts in Korea, joined Catalyst in 2013, when the company opened its first office in Seoul. He oversees the office and the expansion of Catalyst’s Asia-Pacific operations into South Korea. Continue reading

Vote for Catalyst in NLJ’s Best of 2014 Readers’ Rankings

“I coulda’ been a contender,” Marlon Brando famously lamented in the 1954 film On the Waterfront. Well, Catalyst actually is a contender, for best in four e-discovery categories in The National Law Journal’s Best of 2014 readers’ rankings.

Catalyst is a finalist in these four categories:

  • Who is the nation’s top end-to-end e-discovery provider? (question 16).
  • Who offers the nation’s best predictive coding e-discovery solution? (Question 17.)
  • Best data and technology management e-discovery provider. (Question 18.)
  • Best online review platform. (Question 23.) Continue reading

New iOS App Calculates the ROI of Technology-Assisted Review

Want to know whether technology-assisted review will save you time and money in your e-discovery matter? Well, now there’s an app for that.

Catalyst’s new Predict ROI app lets you calculate the savings in time and money you can expect from using Catalyst’s TAR platform, Insight Predict, instead of traditional linear review.

The app is based on the Web version of our ROI Calculator, which we introduced earlier this year. To use it, you enter basic information about your review project, including the total number of documents and the hourly billing rates of your first-pass and second-pass reviewers. Continue reading

Slides from ‘TAR for the Real World: Practical Problems, Pragmatic Solutions’

As mentioned here yesterday and as covered in Law Technology News, Catalyst sponsored a panel discussion at the offices of Kirkland & Ellis in New York last week, TAR for the Real World: Practical Problems, Pragmatic Solutions.

Moderated by Law Technology News Editor-in-Chief Monica Bay, the panel featured Jason Baron, of counsel at Drinker, Biddle & Reath;  Clifton Dutton, senior vice president and director of strategies and e-discovery at AIG Legal Operations Center; Conor Crowley of Crowley Law Office; John Tredennick, Catalyst’s founder and CEO; and Jeremy Pickens, senior research scientist at Catalyst.



TAR’s Not Perfect, But It’s Here to Stay, Says ‘Law Technology News’ Report


Conor Crowley, Monica Bay, John Tredennick, Clifton Dutton, Jason Baron and Jeremy Pickens.

Conor Crowley, Monica Bay, John Tredennick, Clifton Dutton, Jason Baron and Jeremy Pickens.

“Technology assisted review is here to stay — and it has a future beyond e-discovery.”

So writes Law Technology News reporter Victor Li in his report on the Catalyst-sponsored panel in New York last week, TAR for the Real World: Practical Problems, Pragmatic Solutions.

“Focusing mainly on how TAR can save litigants a tremendous amount of money, as well as explaining the accuracy of the process itself, the panel was directed towards true believers as well as those uninitiated in the world of TAR,” Li’s report continued. “Additionally, the panelists looked ahead at possible uses of TAR other than e-discovery.” Continue reading

New York Panel of E-Discovery Experts Will Address TAR for the Real World

If 2012 was the year in which technology-assisted review (TAR) came into its own, then 2013 is the year in which TAR is adapted to the realities of modern litigation. In the real world of e-discovery review, challenges come not just from the explosion of data, but also from the constraints imposed by rolling collections, tight deadlines, and the need to start review right now.

This will be the topic Oct. 10 in New York City as a panel of e-discovery experts address the tough questions that don’t get answered in introductory programs on TAR. Continue reading

Attending ILTA? Learn How to #GetThePower (And Win Cash and Prizes)

GetThePowerIf you are among those attending the annual conference this week of the International Legal Technology Association, you could have a shot at winning $100 cash on the spot and other technology products — and also learn how Catalyst’s Insight Predict gives you the power to succeed with e-discovery search and review like no other predictive coding tool.

ILTA attendees who wear a Catalyst #GetThePower pin and are “discovered” by Catalyst spotters roaming the exhibit hall and other conference venues may win $100 cash on the spot. Attendees can double their chances of winning by tweeting “#GetThePower at #ILTA13” during the conference.

Click to Tweet: #GetThePower at #ILTA13 from @CatalystSecure #ediscovery #SaaS #ESI #cloud Continue reading