The Wrap-Up to Our Series of Posts on Simplifying and Saving in Corporate Discovery

Catalyst_Insight_Enterprise_Series_Wrap_UpWe hear regularly from our corporate clients of their desire to get a better handle on e-discovery costs. In January, when we launched Insight Enterprise, we truly believed we had developed the product to help them do that, and we wanted to help our clients and potential clients better understand how it did that.

So, to that end, we kicked off a 12-week series of posts here intended to provide a deeper understanding of Insight Enterprise’s features and of their benefits to corporate legal departments. Our plan was to focus in each week on a particular aspect of Insight Enterprise and explore it in more depth. Today, we conclude the series.

If it’s seemed that we’ve been crowing, excuse us. We understand that these posts have not been the typical fare of this blog – where we usually cover topics relating to e-discovery search and technology assisted review – but we thought a deeper dive was warranted into the problems we set out to solve and how Enterprise addresses them.

The fact is that Insight Enterprise is unique in the e-discovery market. It is a secure, centralized platform designed to help corporate legal departments reduce their total cost of discovery and enhance transparency and control of discovery across all their litigation, investigations and compliance matters.

As we wrap-up the series, here is a recap of what we have covered over the past three months:

Through these posts, we sought to convey a simple proposition: That the traditional, siloed approach to litigation – in which every pending legal matter stands alone in its own silo – may make perfect sense for outside counsel, but it makes no sense from the perspective of a corporate counsel.

If corporate counsel are truly to get a firmer grip on managing e-discovery costs, the only effective way for them to do that is to centralize all their matters in a common repository using a common platform, where they can better control how their legal matters are handled, where they can reduce repetitive costs and multiple vendors, and where they can obtain in-depth reporting across cases and counsel.

Insight Enterprise was specifically designed for corporate counsel to centralize, simplify and reduce the cost of e-discovery across all their litigation, investigation and compliance matters and teams. It enables corporate legal departments to centralize e-discovery management and data, simplify management through streamlined business processes, and reduce the total cost of discovery through efficiencies far greater than just the cost per gigabyte.

If you are interested in learning more, we hope you will read the previous posts in this series or contact us for a demonstration.


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A lawyer and veteran legal journalist, Bob advises Catalyst on strategic communications and marketing matters. He is also a practicing lawyer in Massachusetts and is the former editor-in-chief of The National Law Journal, Lawyers USA and Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. A fellow of the College of Law Practice Management, he also writes the blog LawSites.

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