How Insight Enterprise Cuts Corporate Discovery Costs. Really.

Catalyst_Insight_Enterprise_Cut_CostsI am almost reluctant to tell you that Catalyst’s new e-discovery platform for corporations, Insight Enterprise, will cut your discovery costs. After all, doesn’t every e-discovery company say that? Having just returned from Legaltech in New York, I can tell you that companies so frequently claim to cut costs that the promise begins to ring hollow. So, when Catalyst says it, why should you believe any different?

The answer, in part, is that Insight Enterprise really is different. It turns the tables on the traditional approach to e-discovery, by which outside counsel drive the process on a case-by-case basis, and instead gives corporate counsel the reins to globally control and manage all their legal matters through a single platform.

But another part of the answer is that you don’t have to take only our word for it. Users will tell you the same thing.

Take, for example, Insight Enterprise’s reporting feature. One client who has been using a development version during the past year told us that, before using Insight Enterprise, collecting reports about outside counsel was a twice-yearly process that required as many as four full-time employees and up to four weeks to prepare. They had to export data from the matter management and billing software, spend weeks analyzing the data in spreadsheets, and then prepare an extensive presentation for their finance and legal departments.

Insight Enterprise eliminated virtually all of that effort and time, freeing the legal department to devote its time to other more-pressing matters. Now, the company’s data is updated monthly and made readily available to everyone on the team through the Insight Enterprise dashboard, enabling them to make more timely and informed decisions about how cases should proceed and how the legal budget should be spent.

Insight Enterprise was specifically designed for corporate counsel. It is a secure, multi-matter platform for legal departments to manage all their discovery for litigation, investigations and compliance. Its capabilities cover the heart of the EDRM—from automated collections and legal holds, through processing, search, analytics, review, production and reporting—and it is supported by both Catalyst’s own Professional Services team and a global partner network.

Since launching Insight Enterprise last month, we’ve been writing a series of blog posts intended to give you a deeper understanding of its features and benefits. Today, we want to dig a bit deeper into how it delivers savings.

Let’s Start with Reporting and Intelligence

You can’t manage effectively if you don’t know what’s going on. Far too often, effective reporting is hard to come by and expensive to compile.

Insight Enterprise changes that by providing customizable reporting on data maintained both in the core repository and in individual matters. A virtually unlimited array of reports are available, both globally and for individual matters. You can even monitor these reports from your mobile device.

Among the reports available to you in Insight Enterprise:

  • Progress reports showing daily and monthly status for active matters, including document counts, review costs, uploads, activations and user activity.
  • Data reports showing data in the core repository and in individual cases, along with details for collections, date ranges, review status, activity and more.
  • Case reports showing matter history, active counsel, review activity, ingestion, custodians and cost breakdowns.
  • Cost reports showing historical and current billing for one or all matters, including hosting, professional services and legal fees if desired.
  • User summaries tracking logins, hours and activity.

All of this is presented to you through a visual dashboard you can access from your desktop or mobile device.

Now A Message from the Department of Redundancy Department

In e-discovery, redundancy and repetition are no laughing matters. They contribute significantly to a corporation’s overall discovery costs.

Consider how corporations conduct discovery today. For each new matter, your legal teams are, for all intents and purposes, reinventing the wheel. Have key documents been used in a prior case? Doesn’t matter, they’ll need to be loaded and processed again. Have reviewers spent time coding key documents as privileged or confidential? Well, they’ll be coding them all over again the next time they’re used.

If you reduce repetition, you enhance efficiency. This is one of the fundamental ways Insight Enterprise reduces costs. It eliminates much of the repetition inherent in e-discovery. Load and process documents once to a core repository and use them in as many matters as needed. Tag documents once and synchronize that tagging back to the core repository.

Centralization to Reduce Duplication

Eliminating repetition is one step towards savings, but Insight Enterprise also eliminates duplication and its associated costs and risks.

The foundation of Insight Enterprise is a centralized repository that serves as the hub of all your legal matters. Your corporation stores its documents in a core repository and then assigns them to individual litigation and investigatory matters as needed.

In addition to reducing repetition, this also reduces duplication. Most notably, it reduces the number of vendors you and your teams use to collect, process and hold data. That means fewer complications, fewer delays, fewer mistakes and greater efficiency.

It also allows all your legal teams to standardize their review and production workflows on a common platform. That eliminates delays due to training cycles and learning curves and enables new matters to move immediately into high gear.

Putting Everybody on the Same Page

So far, we’ve talked about cutting costs by reducing repetition and duplication. A third way Insight Enterprise creates efficiency is by putting everyone on the same page.

With Insight Enterprise, you can create site templates for different types of matters with consistent field structures, standard coding forms, and similar displays. This makes it easier to quickly launch new matters and provides your teams with a consistent and familiar interface in which to work.

This also allows you to develop discovery playbooks setting out standard practices and procedures for creating budgets, hiring staff, reviewing documents, reporting and productions.

Consistency not only drives efficiency, but it also reduces mistakes caused by a lack of familiarity with the process or platform. Fewer mistakes means fewer do-overs and less time on the project overall.

Guidance from a Team of Experts

Insight Enterprise is designed to be easy to use by corporate counsel and their legal teams. But you can achieve even greater efficiency and savings by tapping into the knowledge and experience of Catalyst’s Professional Services team. They can help you get the most out of the platform through:

  • Implementation and onboarding, including customizing Insight Enterprise to fit your needs and then developing an operational playbook and training program.
  • Project management, helping to centralize communications across your team and providing project assistance and technical consulting when you need it.
  • Analytics consulting from a team of legal and scientific experts who helped pioneer the next generation of technology assisted review.
  • Managed review, helping to staff all your review needs in virtually any language.

The Professional Services team can also help develop targeted training to support your workflow and to help your team get up and running quickly.

And, By the Way, Flat-Rate Licensing

Insight Enterprise is available through a flat-rate, no-surprises license based on the number of records you need to place in the system. That means that, not only does it save you money, but it also ensures pricing that is predictable, accountable and bankable.

Marketing Hype? Not This Time

Cutting the cost of corporate discovery means treating discovery as a business process. This is not just about lowering user fees or the price per gigabyte. It’s about fundamentally changing the way corporate counsel organize and manage their company’s legal matters.

Insight Enterprise was specifically built to meet the needs of corporate e-discovery. Our goal was to reduce your discovery costs and provide you with greater predictability and control. It’s easy to say we’ll save you money, but Insight Enterprise is uniquely engineered to deliver on that promise.


About Bob Ambrogi

Bob is known internationally for his expertise in the Internet and legal technology. He held the top editorial positions at the two leading national U.S. legal newspapers, the National Law Journal and Lawyers USA. A long-time advisor to Catalyst, Bob now divides his time between law practice and media consulting. He writes two blogs, LawSites and MediaLaw, co-authors's Legal Blog Watch, and co-hosts the weekly legal-affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer. A 1980 graduate of Boston College Law School, Bob is a life member of the Massachusetts Bar Foundation and an active member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, which honored him in 1994 with its President's Award.