A Key Ingredient of Enterprise E-Discovery: Support from Experienced Pros

Catalyst_Key_Ingredient_Enterprise_DiscoveryMany corporate legal departments are seeking to better leverage technology to reduce e-discovery costs, control outside counsel fees, reduce risk and get useful reporting on discovery metrics and case progress. Achieving that requires both the right technology and the right expertise.

Insight Enterprise provides the technology. In a series of blog posts here, we’ve been telling you about this new corporate discovery platform from Catalyst. It offers a secure, multi-matter platform to manage discovery for litigation, investigations and compliance. It covers the heart of the EDRM—from automated collection and legal hold, through processing, search, analytics, review, production and reporting.

But the other part of the equation is expertise. For that, there is Catalyst’s Professional Services team, as well as our global network of e-discovery partners. In deploying and using Insight Enterprise, Catalyst’s team of veteran e-discovery professionals work side-by-side with your legal department and case teams to help you maximize efficiency and cost savings.

The Expertise to Maximize Our Technology

An Enterprise license includes a team of experienced discovery professionals who are dedicated to your support. They are experienced lawyers, litigation support professionals, engineers and technicians who know our technology inside-out. Their mission is to ensure that your team meets case objectives and deadlines, using defensible and battle-tested strategies.

What does that mean for you? The answer will depend on your objectives and needs. But the bottom line is that they help ensure you get the maximum benefit from using Insight Enterprise.

If, for example, your matters require specialized tools, the Professional Services team can help you build them. With professionals who are skilled in technical development and data analysis, they can design and build the tools you need to manage your matters.

Another way they can help is by working with you to setup automated procedures, develop custom reporting and monitoring, and create automated systems designed to your specific needs.

Breaking It Down to Specifics

Catalyst’s Professional Services group works closely with you and your legal team to help design strategies to enable you to manage your legal matters efficiently and effectively. Let’s look more closely at what that includes.

1. Implementation and onboarding. A critical first step for corporations using Insight Enterprise is implementation and onboarding. During this phase, Professional Services assists you in:

  • Defining goals and roadmap.
  • Establishing standardized workflow and processes into an operations playbook.
  • Technical configuration to support automated workflows. That includes integration of your collections and legal hold process with the core repository, setting up ingestion and distribution procedures, and developing a data warehouse model and synchronization.
  • Creating application templates and models for recurring tasks.

2. Ongoing consulting and guidance. Once the initial setup is complete, the Professional Services team provides ongoing consulting regarding case management, technical issues and account management. This can include:

  • Centralizing communications among in-house counsel, outside counsel, review teams and technology providers.
  • Optimizing and automating review and production workflows.
  • Helping to manage your corporate playbook and to monitor, improve and automate your business processes.
  • Delivering custom business reports based on your specifications.
  • Hosting periodic client meetings to review system performance.
  • Assisting however else they can to promote your objectives, adoption and success.

3. Training and support. A third prong of services offered by the Professional Services team is training and support. This includes setting up a training program for you and your counsel and setting up a support program.

Specialized Consulting

Catalyst’s Professional Services team can also provide more specialized consulting to you and your legal teams.

  • Search and Analytics consulting. Catalyst’s legal and scientific experts helped pioneer the development and use of technology assisted review and particularly of advanced TAR 2.0 algorithms using continuous learning.
  • Managed review. Directly and with our review partners, Catalyst can staff all of your review needs in virtually any language.
  • Customized training. Our team can help develop targeted training to support your workflow and to help legal professionals can get up and running quickly.

Part of the value the Professional Services team delivers is their ability to anticipate situations before they arise. They can help prevent problems that could otherwise have caused delays and they can help foresee situations where our technology can be used to enhance efficiency and savings.

The Bottom Line

Technology is only as good as its implementation. Insight Enterprise provides a secure, central e-discovery platform to help you reduce discovery costs and manage all your legal matters more efficiently. Catalyst’s Professional Services team provides the expertise to ensure you get the most out of Insight Enterprise.


About Bob Ambrogi

Bob is known internationally for his expertise in the Internet and legal technology. He held the top editorial positions at the two leading national U.S. legal newspapers, the National Law Journal and Lawyers USA. A long-time advisor to Catalyst, Bob now divides his time between law practice and media consulting. He writes two blogs, LawSites and MediaLaw, co-authors Law.com's Legal Blog Watch, and co-hosts the weekly legal-affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer. A 1980 graduate of Boston College Law School, Bob is a life member of the Massachusetts Bar Foundation and an active member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, which honored him in 1994 with its President's Award.