Introducing A New Product for Corporate Counsel – and A New Blog Series to Launch It

Catalyst_Insight_Enterprise_BlogSeems every story or survey you read about corporate counsel these days talks about the urgency for legal departments to rein in litigation costs and enhance operational efficiency. And any conversation about reining in litigation costs invariably turns to e-discovery. Estimates say litigation costs make up 60 percent of legal department budgets, and e-discovery accounts for 60 percent of those litigation expenses.

Often, however, controlling litigation costs is much easier said than done. The reason is that e-discovery is traditionally conducted in silos. At any given time, a corporation may have multiple ongoing legal matters – lawsuits, arbitrations, investigations and other proceedings – all requiring e-discovery of one form or another. Handling those various matters are likely to be a variety of outside law firms and supporting them are likely to be a variety of outside vendors and consultants.

From a corporate counsel’s vantage point, these multiple silos of legal and e-discovery matters are a many-headed Hydra. What is a corporate counsel actually to do to maintain oversight and efficiency? What tools do corporate counsel have available to them to control all these moving parts?

Until today, there has not been a good answer to that question. Now there is.

Today, Catalyst is introducing Insight Enterprise, a secure e-discovery management platform designed specifically to put an end to silos and help corporations reduce the total cost of discovery by centralizing and simplifying their e-discovery matters.

Insight Enterprise is a multi-matter platform for legal departments to manage all their discovery for litigation, investigations and compliance. It is designed to cover the heart of the EDRM—from automated collection and legal hold, through processing, search, analytics, review, production and reporting. It is backed by the Catalyst Professional Services team and a global partner network to help corporations better run the discovery process.

What are the Advantages of this Approach?

With a centralized approach to e-discovery, corporations can:

  • Store documents in a core repository, assign them to individual matters as needed, save and reuse document tagging and develop standardized, repeatable, discovery practices. This means lower costs, fewer mistakes and greater control.
  • Reduce the number of vendors they use to collect, process and hold data, thereby eliminating complications, delays and inefficiency.
  • Load data directly into a core repository then promote them to individual matters as needed. This is particularly useful for “frequent flier” custodians and documents needed for multiple cases.
  • Synchronize document tags such as privileged, confidential and hot so you can reuse valuable work product and minimize storage.
  • Create site templates for different types of matters with consistent field structures, standard coding forms, and similar displays. This makes it easier to quickly launch new matters.
  • Develop discovery playbooks with standard practices and procedures for creating budgets, hiring staff, reviewing documents, reporting and productions.
  • Use customized reports to track case progress, both individually and across all matters. Real-time reporting helps you stay on top of cases and ensures that each is progressing according to plan.

Notably, Insight Enterprise is priced not by the user or the gigabyte. It is offered as a flat-rate, annual license based upon the number of records your corporation needs to place in the system. That ensures pricing that is predictable and within your control.

What Does It Consist Of?

The Insight Enterprise platform is composed of six key components:

  1. Legal Holds and Collections. Insight Enterprise supports remote document collections and centralized legal hold administration. In addition, Catalyst will provide on-site collection services where needed.
  2. Insight Core. The heart of Insight Enterprise, the Core Repository is a central holding place for company documents, from which they can be promoted to individual matters as needed. Capabilities of the Core Repository include processing, data normalization and deduplication, sophisticated search and analytics, redaction, tagging, foldering and more.
  3. Insight Matters. Each case or investigation gets its own site to support search, analysis, review and productions. Documents can be promoted to a matter from Core or can be loaded directly.
  4. Machine Learning and Analytics. Insight Enterprise integrates artificial intelligence to accelerate and enhance analysis, review and organization of documents and data. A key component is a predictive ranking engine that can rank document in the Core or in individual matters.
  5. Cross-Matter Management. Corporations can create customized workflows to manage Insight Core and individual matters. Workflows can encompass document promotion, data synchronization and other applications that support the corporation’s operational objectives.
  6. Business Intelligence and Reporting. Insight Enterprise provides customizable reporting on data maintained in the Core and in individual matters. Virtually an unlimited array of reports are available, both for individual cases and across the board.

Supporting all of this is Catalyst’s Professional Services group, a team of seasoned legal and technology experts available to assist with every phase of corporate discovery, from planning and implementation to specialized consulting and managed review.

Now About that New Blog Series

Catalyst has put a lot of thought, time and effort in building Insight Enterprise. The process of building it was complex, but the goal was simple: To help corporations reduce discovery costs and provide predictability through a secure, central e-discovery platform that you control from start to finish.

As we launch Insight Enterprise, we are kicking off a 12-week series of blog posts intended to provide a deeper understanding of its features and benefits. Each week, we will focus in on a particular aspect of Insight Enterprise and explore it in more depth.

Of course, we always welcome any questions or comments you may have.

As I said at the outset, controlling litigation costs is easier said than done. Our belief is that Insight Enterprise will close the gap between talking about savings and achieving them.


About Bob Ambrogi

Bob is known internationally for his expertise in the Internet and legal technology. He held the top editorial positions at the two leading national U.S. legal newspapers, the National Law Journal and Lawyers USA. A long-time advisor to Catalyst, Bob now divides his time between law practice and media consulting. He writes two blogs, LawSites and MediaLaw, co-authors's Legal Blog Watch, and co-hosts the weekly legal-affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer. A 1980 graduate of Boston College Law School, Bob is a life member of the Massachusetts Bar Foundation and an active member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, which honored him in 1994 with its President's Award.